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Lush R&B Review

lush r&b hair moisturiser review
When it comes to haircare I like to get products that help keep my hair moisturised because to be honest with you all my hair can get very dry, especially after all the times I have dyed it; with that being said I am growing out my hair and using lots of products to keep my hair in tip top condition. Thats where this products comes into play.

Lush is a very trusted brand for me and I have loved most of their products so far; I've always wanted to try R&B hair moisturiser so finally took the plunge to buy it for me and my husband to try.
lush r and b review
R and B Hair Moisturiser 100g £11.95 
Cruelty Free
Rich with blends of oils and butters

Key Ingredients 
Oat Milk - It may taste lovely but its also great at soothing and calming the scalp
Avocado Butter - Avocados may taste lovely on toast with tomatoes but its also fab at nourishing hydrating
Orange flower absolute - For a nice citrus smell
Extra virgin coconut oil - is they anything coconut cant do?

The design is typical lush and looks very similar to the facial mask pots and also has the same bring 5 lush posts or tubes back to get another mask free. The product itself smells gorgeous and you can really smell the blend of coconut and orange. The texture is very similar to a hair similar and applies like a hair oil too, all you have to do is get about a walnuts size amount and put it in your palms, rub between your hands and rub into the hair throughly. Once the product was in my hair it left my hair more glossy and smelling of delicate oranges. 

My Thoughts
I did really like this product, I applied this just before I put my hijab on and my hair felt lovely and softer later on in the day once I removed my hijab. The tub is a decent 100ml and you only need a small amount of product so I would say its good value for money.

My Rating
10/10 I don't usually go throwing out these scores but this product is worth every penny and helps me to look after my hair. The smell of the product is just divine and I know in future I will be buying it again

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