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Primark Beauty Sponge Review

primark beauty sponge review
 Hi Lovelies
If you have me on instagram, you will notice that I shop a lot in Primark (mostly for pyjamas) and also lots and lots of beauty products. I know it sounds daft but I have never bought any beauty from Primark before even though I have been very tempted too. That all changed till recently till I wanted to give these beauty sponges a whirl to see if they worked as well as the 'beauty blender' and 'Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge'. I love those two brands but seeing as this is only £1.50 for two beauty sponges, I thought it was well worth giving them a go.

PS... 2 PK Blender Sponge | £1.50
primark beauty sponge review
Looks wise they both look very similar in design to the beauty blender so I jumped at the chance to try them, hoping they would be decent. I know the expectations are very high because these cost a fraction of the price and you also get two for that price.

When I opened the packet they did smell a bit horrible a smell I can't describe but it defiantly wasn't very pleasant. Applying foundation with these was awkward and did not work anywhere near as the beauty blender or the real techniques miracle sponge. It didn't apply foundation or concealer as easy as the other sponges as it was quite stiff and couldn't get to all the hard to reach places like near the nose, chin and eyes.

I personally won't be using this very often as I much prefer my foundation brush and my real techiques sponge. I might use this when I go on a holiday or something, so if I loose it, it wouldn't really matter that much. If your looking for a beauty sponge I would say the beauty blender is best and for a more affordable option I would go for the real techniques sponge.

Whats everyones favourite beauty sponge?
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