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Lush BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

lush bb seaweed fresh face mask
lush bb seaweed review
Hi Lovelies
Its been ages since I last treated myself to a face mask, I think the last one I used was the Lush don't look me fresh face mask which I just loved and managed to use it with my husband about 4 times each so yes a fab value product that left out skin feeling amazing and smelling lovely. When I went to lush to get this I was in two minds whether to get this or don't look at me, but decided to go for the change and get the Lush BBSeaweed face mask instead.

BBSeaweed is a calming fresh face mask that contains fresh seaweed, ground almonds, rose absolute and aloe vera. This face mask is also meant to be good at exfoliating the skin as it has millet flakes, kaolin and refreshing rosemary oil. The fragrances in this are seaweed, honey, rose and one of my personal favourites aloe vera.
lush bb seaweed review
lush bb seaweed fresh face mask review
BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask 75g - £6.95
This is a fresh face mask so its best kept in the fridge to keep it at as fresh as possible, the consistency of this face cream is very thick almost creamy texture and its also very cooling with a little bits of seaweed in it and applying it was a quite easy as it was smooth with the exception of the seaweed bits. When this was on my skin it felt relaxing and I could really smell a nice smell of violet and rose. 

After having this on my skin for 15 minutes ( recommend time 10-15 minutes) I washed it off with warm water and it too me about 5 minutes to completely remove all the face mask as it was very creamy and I must also add I could feel it moisturising my skin during that process. Once I dried my face with a dry warm towel I could feel the difference it made to my skin and it was noticeably softer then it was before the face mask, my skin also smelt very nice too. 

  • Soothing on the skin especially including mine which is sensitive. 
  • Great value as it has about 7 applications
  • All natural ingredients 
  • Skin noticeably softer after washing off
  • None :)

Final thoughts 
Just love this face mask, the fact its cold makes it that much better because it so cooling and relaxing! The amount you get it also very generous and you could get about 7 uses out of this so only about £1 per application so its a bargain really. If your looking for a face mask that gently exfoliates the skin I would defiantly recommend this.

Have you tried Lush face masks before? What are your favourite face mask?
Melissa x
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  1. Great post! This sounds like something I need to get my hands on!

    S .x

  2. Georgina Ingham | CulinaryTravels28 August 2016 at 18:33

    I hardly ever use face masks as I find them quite drying. This one sounds great though, one to try.

  3. I love face masks and try to treat myself to one once a month - this one sounds great x

  4. This looks so good - I love Lush products. Great value too! Kaz x

  5. I've never tried the BB Seaweed Mask but it's certainly on my list to try now! Your images look amazing too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  6. I have never tried any of the lush skincare masks but I really like the sound of this one. Think I will be adding it to my list!

  7. I need something for my face. I don't look after my skin as much as I should. I need to take a trip to Lush - I always forget about this store. This face scrub looks pretty decent.
    Thanks so much for sharing Hun
    Charlotte X

  8. Stella Olojola29 August 2016 at 20:11

    No I haven't but I would want to. Looks fab.

  9. Hannah Heartss30 August 2016 at 15:20

    Definitely going to check this mask out! Haven't tried any from LUSH X

  10. I'm new to Lush after reading a few reviews online so I'm always interested in new products and opinions. Might be adding this to my list to try asap!

    Emmie xo

  11. Lucy - Hello Beautiful Bear4 September 2016 at 18:47

    Oh wow, this looks amazing!
    I love Lush products and I can just imagine how good this smells :)

  12. Lush face masks are incredible! I'm obsessed with the Brazened honey one - have gone through so many pots!! Lovely review xx


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