Monday, 12 September 2016

Early Autumn Lush Haul

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I know it seems like five minutes ago from my last lush haul, but I just couldn't resist going into Lush again and I think the biggest thing that draws me and my partner to lush is the smell of the shop and the way they display the products. This will be my last haul unil the new Halloween and Christmas collections come into the store.

Every time we go to lush we always like to try different products hoping to find some new favourite products and most of the time when we try something we end up loving it and try it again in the future but this time when we went we actually tried some different products and here they are.
early autumn lush haul
 Razzle Dazzle - Bath Oil (£2.00)
This is one of the smallest bath products I have seen in lush and I've never tried a lush bath oil yet so I thought I would give this a whirl. This is a bright hot pink shade with little bits of sparkle on it and as soon as I picked it up a little bit of oil went on my fingers and you can see it on the lush tissue too.

This has a nice sweet smell and contains organic shea butter, violet leaf absolute, bergamot oil and one of my favourites organic cocoa butter.

Blackberry - Bath Bomb (£3.35)
Compared to razzle dazzle this one is massive! Blackberry is one of the very few bath products I haven't tried yet and thought why the heck now and put it in my basket to give a try. It has a simple design and is a light blue with bits of pink in it from what I can see.

This has a lovely smell of frankincense oil and bergamot oil.

Green - Bubbleroon (£3.95)
I just love the way this looks like a ice cream sandwich that I just had to buy it and try it for myself. I am going to be this twice seeing as it will be split in two pieces. Lush describe this as bringing back the summer as it smells like citrus.

Green is a gorgeous bright green and contains coconut oil, shea butter, junipberry and refreshing lime oil.
lush haul

What are your favourites from Lush 

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  1. Great haul :) I really want to try the Blackberry bath bomb, it looks amazing! I also cannot wait for the Lush Christmas stuff to come out!! :D

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird


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