Sunday, 4 September 2016

My Fitness Journal Week One

Hi Lovelies
When it comes to health and fitness I would say I am pretty happy at how well I am doing so far this year and I will continue as always with my goals for the rest of 2016 and beyond! I am a curvy size 16 and I feel very fit and healthy and always try and do as much exercise as possible that fits well with my routine of being a mum and also writing on my blog.

I started 2016 with big weight loss goals but seeing as times gone on my goals have changed and I have realised numbers on the scale don't matter and being fit in other ways is more important. I have hidden my scales and now just have a fitness journal instead. I have a food diary to make sure I am getting what I need in my diet. I'm not going to lie I do have a the odd bit of junk food every now and again like some cake when I visit my mum or something.

plus size running
Food diary 
When it comes to food I have swapped a few foods to healthier alternatives such as rice, pasta and bread to the wholemeal versions as they have more fibre which  helps with foods digestion. 

I have also included more fruit and veg in my diet to help me keep fuller for longer and of course they have lots of health benefits too. My favourite fruits at the moment have to be spotty bananas and apples! they are so tasty :)

Fitness Diary 
Since the start of spring I have been jogging at least one a week (very soon I will be doing this 2-3 times a week because I enjoy it so much) Since I started jogging to now I have improved so much and can now jog for up to 20 minutes with some intervals of running too. Another thing I like to do when I jog is go for long walks, its great for cooling down and also for getting me 10,000 steps goals for the day .

Since the start of September I have joined the Gym and I am so glad I did because I have started weight training, at the moment my favourite thing to do is squats! they are hard to do at first but once you get your form right its fun, hopefully soon I will be able to squat with weights and when I do I am sure they will be photos on my blog about it.

healthy snacks
Goal of being a wrestler 
Ever since I was a child I have loved wrestling and have always admired the wrestlers because its hard work with so many shows a week and lots of travelling. Some of  my favourites of all time have to be The Rock, Roman Reigns and Eddie Guerrero.  But one that stuck out  the most for me had to be Chyna, I just loved the way she wrestled and it didn't matter if her opponents were male or female she was brilliant and was very professional. She has inspired me in a way to actually try and do my dream of being a wrestler myself.

I have always wanted to train to be a wrestler and I know I might not be the best in the world but I just want to try it because I know its something I would enjoy. I just need the confidence to do it and fingers crossed I will be training very soon.

fitness goals squats

I hope you all enjoyed this post, next Sunday they will be an update and so and so forth for the weeks, months ahead. I post a lot of updates on my my social media so follow below or on my right hand side panel for updates.

Melissa x

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  1. Spotty bananas me too! I think they taste better. I've also stopped weighing myself and going by how my clothes fit and what my body looks like, considering muscle weighs more than fat, I'm lucky as my scales let me know how much body fat I have. R.I.P Chyna, me and you both, I indulge in wrestling still and wanted to be one myself, I think when it comes to training in general there's a lot of discipline and dedication, good luck!

    1. totally agree its a lot of discipline and dedication, my partner is training to be a wrestler at the moment and it takes a lot of time and effort :)


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