Saturday, 24 September 2016

Primark Candles Review

primark candle review
Hi Lovelies
I must admit I love candles but I usually only buy Yankee Candles because they have very rarely let me down. When I go to Primark  I am always tempted to get some of their candles but I was always a bit dubious of actually buying one because I love having my living room feeling warm and having a nice strong fragrance and I always had that thought in the back in my head that it wouldn't be as good, I know that sounds daft but for me an evening in with a nice smelling candle relax me so much. I went back to primark a few weeks ago and thought to myself why not just give it a go? you never bloody know you might just like them and you can try more brands rather then the same old same old.

Primark has a fair few candles to choose from and the prices start off at about £1 and I didn't see anything more then £5, correct me if I'm wrong on this. I got this jar candle for £3 and its called 'Road to Marrakesh' and its in a turquoise blue jar with a gorgeous gold pattern on it. I already have plans to reuse this jar once the candle has finished because  it looks gorgeous.
At the moment this candle is on my mantle piece and on the opposite side of it I have my simply sweet pea candle which is from the yankee candle home range. I have alternated on which I have used over the past few weeks because I like different scents everyday. This candle has a screw lid which reminds me of a candy jar, the wick is quite thick and the candle is white and has a sweet yet spicy scent when unlit 

I lit this candle once my children are asleep and I start blogging which is usually about 8.30, I did this every other day and it lit very easily. While blogging it was very nice to see this jar sitting on my mantle piece as it was glowing beautifully and after about 30 minutes I could really smell the candle and I can't tell you the exact fragrance but it was a little sweet with a bit of spice scent to me which was lovely and it surprised me how nice it smelled because it was on the same levels as my simply sweet pea candle which is from the home range made by Yankee Candle from ASDA.

Primark candles review

  • Affordable 
  • Lots of different fragrances 
  • They have nice designs
  • Pleasant scents
  • You can reuse the jars
  • Not as strong as the premium yankee candle but just as good as the home range of yankee candles.

Final Thoughts
I really wish I bought these candles sooner because they have so many designs and fragrances to choose from! They may not be as good as the premium yankee candles but they are still flipping brilliant all the same. I have used this candle about 5 times now and its just past the top part of the label which is great. I can't wait to try more of the candles especially as the jars look so nice too to make something else out of too.

Have you ever tried Primark Candles before? if so what is your favourite?

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  1. I love the design of the jar and the name of this candle, and those spicy scents are perfect for this time of the year too! I've never used a candle from Primark before but one of my very good friends buys a lot of them from Primark and she loves them as well, so I'll have to try and get across to my nearest one and try one of these out! - Tasha

  2. This is literally my favourite candle. I am so happy you're talking about it. It smells so goood and it looks even better. Primark candles are the one xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  3. ooh pretty jar its housed in! I need to get more into candles haha

  4. Chilling With Lucas25 September 2016 at 07:33

    Ooh this is very pretty, want one of these x

  5. That looks so pretty! Oh, I wish we had Primark in Finland haha :D
    Anyways, I should really stock my candles, I'm running out.. :D

    ~ Jasmin N
    Little Things With Jassy

  6. Abracadabra Girl25 September 2016 at 11:13

    I love your blog header, mmm the candle sounds lovely will pop it on my next shopping list. k x

  7. The primark candle jars are so so pretty and eye peeling. I tend to buy them here and there but like you I am more of a yankee candle girl! But nether less still a bargain XX

  8. Oooh this look so pretty, didn't even knew Primark did a candle. xx

  9. Ooh I kept bypassing these for the same reasons as you - I just didn't feel they would match up to other candles I own. However I will definitely be picking some up now!

  10. Very pretty design. Sweet and spicy sounds right for a Marrakesh smell.

  11. I love primark candles! They are amazing considering the price and the fact that they are quite strong

  12. I think the primark candles are so good especially for their prices. I have had a fair few which wish they did more autumnal smells now we're at this time of year x

  13. Fab design. I never even knew Primark did candles.

  14. It sounds lovely and I love the look of the jar.

  15. The candle jar is so pretty! The smell sounds pleasing also x

  16. I love candles but I've never tried those before. I will check them out on my next trip to Primark! :)

  17. We never knew Primark sold candles. Love the jar design we might pop in and have a smell!

  18. Oh wow i didn't know they did candles, I must take a look next time I visit which will be soon hopefully.

  19. Love the idea of re-using the jars. looks stylish and smells good, as you described it.

  20. I've always heard good things about these, I need to get one x

  21. Jessica McDonnell28 September 2016 at 19:17

    Primark candles are so lovely and affordable. I really need to buy some more.

  22. I have not yet tried Primark candles, I too have always avoided them and not thought they were good enough but now I want to give them a try