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Yankee Candle Simply Sweet Pea Review

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When it comes to candles they are pretty much everywhere in my flat, I love displaying them even though I don't always use them all apart from the ones that are in my living room on my fire place. Candles are just fab all year round but I love them even more during the Autumn and Winter months because candles just warm up my living room and also make the place smell lovely too.  

I have my eyes open for Halloween themed and scented candles but until then I've been using this lovely bright pink home inspiration candle by yankee candle. They sell this range in ASDA and come in a few different fragrance such as this one which is called 'simply sweet pea'.

yankee candle sweet pea
These candles look a little bit different to other Yankee Candles but they are very well made. This candle is in a medium size and cost me an affordable £9, so its a little bit cheaper then the usual Yankee candle which costs around £18.99, so they is big savings to be had their.

Home Inspirations Yankee candle 
40-80 Hours burn time
Available  in Tesco and Asda ( could be more places too)

Original Yankee Candle
      65 - 90 Hours burn time 
original yankee candles they an be found in many more places such as online and shops up and down the country such as clintons and candle shops.

*Prices vary from place to place
Yankee Candle sweet pea review
 My Thoughts
I love the design of this jar and I think it looks very nice placed on top of my fire place, its a nice vibrant pink and has nice labelling thats designed just right as its not over the top, just enough info with a nice picture of sweet peas just like most Yankee Candles you see on the market.

As soon as I opened the lid of the candle the scent just flowed out beautifully and it had a nice delicate scent even before I lit the candle itself. The wick is very thick so I found it nice and simple to light quickly without a fuss.

Once lit it smells gorgeous and after about 20 minutes my whole living room smelt like sweet peas, the scent was very similar to the real sweet peas just a little  sweeter then the actual flowers ( my nana used to grow sweet peas and I remember going in her garden smelling them). I have my candles on for roughly 3 hours every night and the smell in the background while blogging or watching TV is very nice and for me makes my flat more homely.  I have used this candle for well over 20 hours in total now and the wax is just above the top of the label, so I think its great value for money and I am tempted to actually try more of the home inspiration yankee candles in the future.

yankee candle simply home sweet pea
I really like this candle and super happy that I bought it and I just love how sweet it smells and how much it made my flat smell like sweet peas. I think its very affordable and to be honest its made me think twice about buying the more expensive candles but with that being said I still like the original Yankee candles because they have more scents to choose from and I love it when  they have candles out for different holidays like Halloween and my personal favourite Christmas.

I hope you all enjoyed my post on this gorgeous candle, I have lots of other reviews on my Directory about other candles that I have tried over the past two years. I am on lots of social media so don't forget to follow me, the links are below and also on my right hand side bar.

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  1. Blossom And Bloom Sparkles6 September 2016 at 08:26

    I can imagine the scent is gorgeous but I'm not a fan of the new "simply home" packaging! I think they've made it not look like Yankee candle at all now :(

  2. I have this candle too and I love it. I have a slight candle obsession and probably have 30 odd around my house x

  3. I love candles and wax melts especially in Autumn and winter. Love Yankee candles too, and these sound great.

  4. I love candles ans Yankee Candles are the best candles !! I really want all of them. Now I have black cherry and it's sooo good !

  5. Yankee candles are incredible and they seem to last ages! ps. love the cactus hah!

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  7. I've not tried this scent before. I love candles and it sounds a good price from asda. P.s I love flamingos. :)

  8. I love Yankee Candles but haven't heard of this range, they sound amazing! xo

  9. I love Yankee Candles they do a fabulous range or aromas.

  10. I like the sound of this and it is very affordable compared to regular Yankee Candles.

  11. Don't Cramp My Style10 September 2016 at 23:45

    I love candles! Im not gonna lie! I have ended up with a huge box of them! I can't wait for a winter!