Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn TV Favourites

Hi Lovelies 
I have so many reasons why I absolutely love Autumn! One being Halloween inspired yankee candles, The christmas collection at Lush, but, it also reminds me of my favourite TV programme which is coming back on in the Spring and if you read my blog or have seen my social media regularly then you would of noticed that I just love Game of Thrones! I have managed to watch all six seasons within 4 months; I really don't know how I managed that haha!! I Think this always happens when I start watching a new series that i enjoy and I end up watching more than one episode a night.

I am not the biggest tv addict but I do love watching it more during the colder months because to me, it feels very warming especially with yankee candles lit in the background. My night usually consists of me putting the children to bed then putting on the kettle for some matcha tea and grabbing some popcorn to watch something on Netflix! I love Netflix as there is so many great shows on their such as American Horror Story,  Mr Selfridges and its budget friendly for me at £5.99 for the basic :D  I am a bit upset at the moment because my 50 inch telly that my mum bought me no longer works so I am on the look out for a new tv! I have had a look at some amazing ones such as 4K TV Panasonic which is an ultra HD TV and you can find out more about it here. I did think at one stage 4KTV weren't worth getting but i am reconsidering after looking at a few :)

What do you like watching on TV at the moment?

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  1. We're obsessed with Netflix, always find new things to watch. I'm loving the amount of dramas on TV at the moment x

    1. They is some brilliant things on at the moment isn't they :)

  • I am a TV addict too, I didn't realise how much until meeting someone who doesn't watch as much tv and not sure what I'd do without netflix. Just started to watch series 5 of american horror story today too! Love it

    1. Haven't watched it yet, i am sure i will in the next day to two though :)

  • Georgina Goodman24 October 2016 at 09:39

    I think i need to get myself a netflix account! I must be the only person without one hahah

    1. Its brilliant, its well worth the money with all the tv on their!


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