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Caketoppers Photo Cupcakes | Review

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When it comes to anything sweet I am defiantly a fan because I just love all things cake, chocolate/sweets and desserts. I usually like to bake every now and again but I also like to buy cakes from other places too from time to time because I like to try new things out. I was very lucky to be contacted by the lovely people at Caketoppers to review these adorable cupcakes. The picture on the cupcakes is my mums gorgeous Airedale Terrier Ben.   

Caketoppers are an online cake company that make a variety of different cakes and cupcakes too. The cupcakes above are photo cupcakes and to get them like that I sent the picture to them in an email and they put it on the cupcakes and I got them within 1 days! So a very fast service. The cupcakes come in classic and chocolate

caketoppers review
caketoppers review
About the Cupcakes
  • They come in two flavours: Classic and Chocolate 
  • Send them the image/s you want when you go to basket with them on their website
  • Can be done with any photo
  • Vegetarian 
  • Delivered quickly 
  • Can order just one if you like or as many as you like ( they say 100 or more even)
  • Prices between £5.95 to £29.50

My Thoughts 
Honestly I have never tried a cupcake like it! It was defiantly different experience eating something that has a photo on it but once I got over the a fact it has actually an edible photo I was fine with it. The chocolate cupcake is in the gold wrapper and trust me it was blooming delicious with a thick but smooth layer of chocolate below the photo and underneath that was a soft chocolate sponge. It had to be the softest yummy cupcake I have ever tried, it was honestly heavenly! I was disappointed when it was finished haha.

The classic cupcake is in the silver cupcake case and it is a more traditional recipe cupcake which brought me back to the days when I used to bake with my nana. The cupcake has a lovely vanilla layer of icing followed by a fluffy vanilla sponge, this was equally as delicious as the chocolate cupcake.

I would totally recommend them to anyone especially if you are planning a party or something like that, since you can put any design on them you can be as creative as you want to be with these cupcakes. They also offer photos on cakes as well as the cupcakes and prices from them are £35.

caketoppers photo cupcakes review

The generous people at Caketoppers have also give me a discount code for you lovely people!
All you have to do is put the following code at the checkout.


Check out the website here

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*Disclaimer: cupcakes were sent for me to review, all thoughts and opinions are my own and honest*


  1. I love these we also tried them out the chocolate one tastes amazing.

    1. Just lovely aren't they! The chocolate was my favourite too :)


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