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Lush Shoot for the Stars | Review

lush shoot for the stars bath bomb review
Hi Lovelies 
Christmas is my favourite time of the year, I just love the sparkles, decorations and seeing my family. This year Lush has the most beautiful Christmas themed products, I actually treated myself to a few of things in the range in my latest Lush Haul. I really love everything in the range because everything is sparkly and bright and is perfect to help get into the Christmas sprit. 

The Lush Christmas range has many things to choose from this year including bath products, soaps, gift sets and lip scrubs. I was also told that all the lush Christmas bath products are vegan, all of Lush products are also cruelty free.  I was spoiled for choice and I had no idea what to get because everything looks wonderful and the whole shops smells gorgeous. Eventually I chose this as part of my haul. I just love it has sparkly gold stars on it. 
lush shoot for the stars bath bomb
lush shoot for the stars review
Lush shoot for the stars bath bomb - £4.25 
Cruelty Free

First impressions 
This is the first thing I put in my basket during my lush haul. The reason I put it in first was because it has 3 beautiful sparkly stars and is set on a gorgeous bright blue. I looked the price and was in two minds whether to buy it but you all know me, I couldn't resist because of the sparkles and the lovely stars, its just gorgeous.

Picking it up I could smell it has a rather sweet zesty scent. The scent is refreshing and the sparkles go a little bit on your fingers too.

lush shoot for the stars
My thoughts
I made sure the bath was nice and warm before popping in this beauty, it was a slow and delicate melter and was spinning while doing so. Once it started to melt it started to show sparkly stars in the centre and they must have roughly about 7 stars in the centre. Each star was quite big and they were also slow melters too, they had golden sparkles on the back of each of them. When everything was completely melted the bath was a emerald green with golden sparkles in every inch of the water. The beautiful thing about the golden sparkles was they stuck together and raised to the top and burst like little fireworks on top of the water.

The smell was utterly divine and so zesty, it kinda reminded me of a cocktail. Its one of those scents that help you relax especially after a long day. They key 4 ingredients are as follows; Brazilian Orange Oil, Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Bergamot Oil and Coconut Cream.

Me and my partner enjoyed this bath so much, it was just blissful. It was so nice relaxing together watching the sparkles in the emerald water. My partner is usually quite picky with lush products he likes but he just loved this one and so did I. We will defiantly be buying it again because I think it worth the money and looks stunning.

Because 'shoot for the stars' contains  coconut cream and some cocoa butter it was very soothing of the skin, the bath water almost felt silky. My skin felt moisturised even after I came out the bath. My skin felt so soft that I didn't actually bother putting extra moisturiser on.

Rating 4.5 / 5 

Big and takes its time to melt
Gorgeous display in bath
Lots of glitter

Glitter left on bath

Have you tried anything from the Lush Christmas range yet?

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  1. *pops into basket* I've got the Lush tab open lets hope that it's not sold out. I like the look of this and definitely not bothered by the glitter x

    1. Sparkles make this so much nicer, its worth a try, I love it

  • I have one of these ready to use and although I dread having to get the glitter our of the bath afterwards, I can't wait to use it! xxx

    1. I know it sounds silly but its worth the glitter mess afterwards, it smells and looks amazing

  • Since we have moved I can no longer use bath bombs (our bath is too small) I really love Lush bath bombs too so totally gutted. I will be using the shampoo and bubble bars in the shower though. My sister wants this bath bomb though x

    1. The bubble bars and shampoos are brilliant aren't they :)

  • Paula De La Asunción Poveda24 November 2016 at 10:41

    I'm so sad I don't have a bath on my new flat, because I love all the lush products! Haven't seen this one yet, and looks so cool with the golden starts :)

    1. It does doesn't it, lush have some other great Christmas things too

  • I seriously need to get this! I love LUSH, but my new flat doesn't have a bath which I'm absolutely gutted about. I still use their toners, cleansers and shampoos religiously though!

    1. They have so many brilliant products don't they!

  • We bought a massive Christmas haul after attending a LUSH Bloggers event. Shoot for the Stars was one of our faves! Love the glittery film on the blue water that it leaves :)

    1. It looks amazing doesn't it. Ive never been to a lush event before


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