Saturday, 19 November 2016

Optrex Warming Eye Mask and 2 in 1 Eye Mist | Review

optrex warming mask review
Hi Lovelies 
If any of you are a blogger like me or use a computer a lot getting dry eyes or tired eyes can be a problem. I like to blog every evening and put a lot of concentration in to make sure my blog posts are up to my standard and sometimes that means I can get a little tired and get dry eyes from time to time which can be a blooming pain. 

Now I have heard of Optrex in the past but I never actually got round to actually trying the products so I am glad that I got the chance to actually try these out for myself to see how well they worked. I got an eye warming mask which is meant relive and relax tired eyes. I also got a 2 in 1 eye mist to help dry and irritated eyes. 

optrex eye mask and eye mist
The warming eye mask 
Optrex recommend using this mask relaxing listening to music since you should be wearing it for  10 minutes.  I personally wasn't sure about this, it went quite warm but to be honest I wasn't too keen on that but saying that my partner loved it and he managed to go to sleep very quickly after using this.

The 2 in 1 eye mist 
This mist is to help restore moisture to your eyes, its used on closed eyes and can be used over makeup too. Out of the two products this was defiantly my favourite as it made such a  difference to my eyes. They are less dry and so much more moisturised and I can blog more comfortably now. 

Optrex Warming Eye Mask  | £9.99 for 2
Optrex 2 in 1 Eye Mist | £15.99

Have you tried any of these before?

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  1. Paula De La AsunciĆ³n Poveda20 November 2016 at 13:22

    I need to try this! My eyes feel always tired and usually try to use just some drops, but this marks seems like can actually make a difference :)

  2. I could really try that eye warming mask today. Surviving on about 4 hours sleep last night so this sounds great x

  3. Optrex is such a great and reliable brand! Love the way you write :)

  4. Angela Kate Webster20 November 2016 at 15:02

    I've actually tried the eye mist. It's amazing! During the winter it's a must for me, working from home with the radiators on.

  5. This is something I could actually do with using, tiredness and using a computer a lot my eyes need some loving x

  6. Jazmin Williams20 November 2016 at 18:44

    This sounds fab - Optrex have been great when I've needed it and my eyes do dry out and get tired!

  7. I spend over 10+ hours a day staring at screens, I need to try these optrex products indeed

  8. That eye mask sounds fantastic - just the thing for tired eyes!

  9. Ooh I haven't heard of a warming eye mask before. I think I would personally benefit from more of a cooling one. xxx

  10. No I haven't but I have heard of them. Would love to try them.

  11. The warming eye mask looks really good, it's always nice to refresh tired eyes x

  12. I absolutely love the warming masks they are superb and I have just started using the eye mist x

  13. I really want to try these for after a day behind the a computer screen.

  14. Yes! I need this. I love looking after my eyes... sounds daft but I realised I should start working on things I like about myself and I have really blue eyes! The clearer my eyes look... and the the less tired the better.

  15. Leah XL Channel23 November 2016 at 22:37

    This mask sounds heavenly! I love the idea of he of the warming eye mask. I bet it works wonders when you have a headache! x