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Steak Cattle and Roll | Glasgow

steak cattle and roll glasgow review
Hi Lovelies
I must admit I just love a good *Veggie* Burger and usually it can be a right pain to actually find a restaurant that actually sells vegan/vegetarian options. Most veggie burgers I have tried before in the past didn't have dairy free cheese or nice sauces and as you can all kinda guess it makes a burger pretty darn dry if you don't have those things. I went out my way to actually find a restaurant that sold a decent variety of vegan/vegetarian burgers and thats where I found Steak Cattle and Roll. 

Steak Cattle and Roll is very near to Glasgow central on Sauchiehall Street. It offers a variety of different food from burgers, salads and delicious dairy free milkshakes. Its not 100% vegan/vegetarian but it offers a lot of different vegan options on the menu, I for one for spoiled for choice on what to actually order because everything looks so darn yummy.

steak cattle and roll menu glasgow
321 Sauchiehall Street
G2 3HW

The Restaurant 
It really reminds me of a 50s style diner with a modern twist. They are lots of seats too choose from including booths, classic chairs and a bar area, so lots too chose from if visiting by yourself, going with your friend/partner or group.  The decor is pleasant and the music isn't too loud either so its a great backing sound for when your'e eating and talking with company.

The restaurant can be reached fairly easily its on a main road so it be reached by car, walking or getting the bus. Its on the main road of sauichiehall street lots to other restaurants/bars and nightclubs. 

 The Food
You really are spoiled for choice here as the restaurant has lots of hearty comfort food to choose from the food isn't going to win you in points for being the healthiest food in the world but it is great food to have as a treat or for when going out.

The menu has everything marked out simply so you know what you  are buying and its suitable for vegan or vegetarians. Its also marked clearly with the price. They have two menus; one for food and the other is for desserts and drinks. 

Food choices *veggie options*
  • Burgers
  • Wraps
  • Salad
  • Fries & Sides
  • Nachos
Drinks & Desserts
  • Soda
  • Alcohol including wine
  • Hot drinks
  • Shakes including alcohol versions 
  • Selection of cakes including a vegan option

steak cattle and roll Glasgow
What I ordered
The Classic Vegan Burger
This burger has a vegan burger topped with vegan mozzarella, served with salsa, rocket and red slaw with pan fried onion and bun. 

The burger itself tasted divine, each bite was heavenly but as much as I loved eating this burger I could not pick it up to eat, I had to cut it into quarters so I could eat it. Even after all that it made a little bit of a mess so I would recommend getting a napkin or two. The burger is very filling and I ended up taking the rest of it home and having it later on in the evening, they put the rest of the burger in a  box neatly which is great if you can't finish it all. 

Even though I loved the salad in this burger I think it was a touch OTT but you know its each to their own really. I loved this burger and the combination of the slaw, salsa and vegan mozzarella made this burger absolutely divine with its sweet/savoury elements. 

Seasoned chips
HEAVEN IN A BASKET; no seriously if you love chips then you will love these chips. They are chips with skin left on so they have a bit of crunch and lots of flavour.

They are so many chips in the basket they can be shared which is great if you are going out with friends/family. 

Things I loved 

  • Very friendly staff; We were welcomed very quickly when we got to the restaurant and we got to choose out of the chair which we would like and once we were seated we got menus and a decent amount of time to choose drinks and order food.
  • Comfortable seating; Honestly you will be surprised how many restaurants have uncofertable seating. This restaurant has very comfy seating especially the booth seating. 
  • Lots of vegan/vegetarian options; Usually going to a restaurant only has a few options but this place has so many options including food, desserts and drinks 

Have you been to Steak Cattle and Roll before?

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  1. I love the sound of this place. I wish this place was nearer to me it's such a pain to find veggie friendly restaurants. It looks amazing here x

  2. afterfour.co.uk1 December 2016 at 11:31

    That looks so tasty! I am not vegan, but I do love vegetarian/vegan food from time to time. Me and my partner went for holiday in Poland and we have amazing vegan burger in Cracow. They had different patties, vegan mayo and vegan cheese :) Yummy post!

  3. Rhian Westbury1 December 2016 at 14:40

    It's so good that it's actually a vegan burger, so many places don't do dairy free cheese options which always makes me sad x

  4. Martina Williams1 December 2016 at 16:08

    The burger looks huge! Even if I am a meat lover I would give this burger a try, I can imagine the tangy taste of the rocket combined with the friend onion and mozzarella. So yummy!

  5. I struggle to enjoy veggie burgers for the most part because like you said they can make the patties quite dry. I do like the sound of this one especially since it looks like it actually has flavour. Do they have any other branches?

  6. That looks so good and indulgent! I definitely would visit if I ever was in the area!

  7. It's fantastic to see more restaurants offering a wider choice of vegan food. The burger looks lovely x

  8. Glasgow has lovely food places. Love Saichiehall street (although can never spell it) x

  9. these look so amazing and can actually feel how filling it is!

  10. I love all things 50's! Food looks & sounds amazing! xo

  11. This place sounds great! My best friend is a vegan so it would be perfect for us to visit x

  12. Melanies Fab Finds1 December 2016 at 21:45

    That burger looks great and it's great to hear these guys have a good range of vegan food on the menu.

  13. MUMMY'S LITTLE MONKEY (@Jax2000)1 December 2016 at 21:52

    Love the name of the restaurant! You always make me so jealous with your foodie posts - we must have very similar tastes!!

    1. haha thanks, it has a brilliant name doesn't it

  • The London Mum3 December 2016 at 18:22

    I find it really hard to find good options that are vegan or vergetarian- this burger sounds tasty and would certainly be a welcome break from meat!

  • Oh this restaurant sounds fantastic and that burger looks incredible!!! Love that more places are doing a lot more veggie/vegan options! I find it hard to find places that do good veggie options near me!

  • Wow, that was a good burger, I would love to go in that restaurant

  • Yum this looks delicious! I have quite a few vegan friends so it's good to know there are good places to go! :)


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