Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Dr Botanicals | First Impressions

Dr Botanicals first impressions
Hi Lovelies 
With Christmas around the corner, skincare can be the last things on our minds, I know it can with me because all I am thinking about is last minute Christmas presents and also the preparation for Christmas too, it can all get a bit hectic. For me personally I like to have a little skincare regime; one for the morning and also one for last thing at night, that way it helps keep my skin soft and hydrated during the autumn and winter months more easily. 

Dr Botanicals is a premium brand I recently discovered online and it is a brand that was founded in London and sells lots of products such as; Serums, Moisturisers and Cleansers. They are a beauty company with a difference who make 100% natural skincare products out of the science of plants. The brand is also cruelty free and contain no harmful preservatives. 

dr botanicals first impressions

Japanese Orange Superfood Facial Oil
I just love using facial oils and serums and honestly using this one was heavenly for so many reasons! First reason is the smell is just divine, as soon as you can smell fresh oranges and honestly its just so refreshing once it goes onto your skin. It has a little top that you squeeze onto skin that just gives you drops at a time, so you can't get too much of this by accident just the right amount. I use about 4 or 5 drops with this to cover my face and neck just before I put a moisturiser on or my makeup

This oil is recommend for people with dry, damaged skin or just for wanting to pamper themselves, because at the end of the day we all deserved to be pampered. My skin is combination skin and this has worked perfectly for me. This oil has key ingredients of this are Rose Otto Oil which contains high levels of vitamin A and C. It also has Neroli oil and also Seabuckthorn fruit oil which is high in vitamins A, C and E also essential fatty acids.

Japanese Orange Vitamin C Repairing Night Moisturiser
Night creams can be so heavenly and this one is for sure. This cream is very thick and creamy, it applies to skin effortlessly and was non greasy too. As with the facial oil this smelled like zesty oranges too and was equally as refreshing. I put around 2 almond size amounts on my face for complete face and neck coverage. I put this moisturiser on just before I go to bed, it is a bit thicker than a day time moisturiser but it helps with skin hydration for the following morning.

This moisturiser is recommend for people with dry sensitive skin and you will guess what I am going to say next... if you want a pamper just go for it. The key ingredients in this are seabuckhorn fruit oil which helps promote skin hydration and calm sensitive skin. Another is coconut oil which help dry and sensitive skin and also  tiare flower which helps with hydration 

  • 100% Natural Ingredients 
  • Parben and harmful preservative free
  • Hydration
  • Works well on my combination skin, especially the dry patches

  • None 

Have you tried any products from Dr Botanicals before?

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  1. Jessica McDonnell14 December 2016 at 17:11

    I've never heard of Dr Botanicals before, but those products sound lovely.

  2. This sounds interesting as normally all beauty products are full of chemicals. Would be lovely to try it out, thank you for sharing!

  3. Sounds beautiful for the skin, I love oils so I'm interested. I try use as much natural products as possible within my routine x

  4. Sarah-Louise Bailey14 December 2016 at 20:02

    I've not heard of this line before, but I do love oils. These products sound lovely and I like that they are chemical and cruelty free.

  5. Francesca Nelson14 December 2016 at 21:18

    I've not tried any Dr botanicals yet but loving that its all 100% natural!!

  6. Can't beat natural products like these, their range of products looks really interesting.

  7. I have never tried DR Botanicals before but their products look fantastic! I love natural products x

  8. Melanies Fab Finds15 December 2016 at 00:21

    I have heard of these but never tried them. That mask really appeals to me, I must try it.

  9. I've been wanting to try the oil from Dr Botanicals for ages, maybe i'll treat myself after Christmas x

  10. Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes15 December 2016 at 10:30

    I've heard about this range before and really want to give it a go.

  11. Stephanie Merry15 December 2016 at 12:38

    I've not tried anything from Dr Botanicals but the facial oil sounds lovely! x

  12. Love the packaging, very interesting sounding range to splurge on!

  13. I haven't tried this range before, but would love to. Glad to see there were no cons! x

  14. I have never come across this brand before but I look the look and sound of it and oils are something I should try for myself

  15. Both those products sound divine. I want to get my hands on them!

  16. Leah XL Channel15 December 2016 at 22:32

    Facial oils and overnight masks are my favourite thing at the moment. I think I would like to try this brand, never heard of it before.

  17. Never heard or tried it before, but like more natural products which are cruelty free x

  18. Daniella Keating16 December 2016 at 13:26

    Ooh these products sounds so good! I'm gonna have to check out the oil.

  19. These sound like great products even better they are chemical free which is always a good thing

  20. I love reading first impressions about beauty products. It's incredible there are no cons. Both these buys look great!

  21. This is new to me, but sounds positive. I am never sure about facial oils, but might need to try at some point

  22. These sound fab. Definitely want to try the night moisturiser x