Monday, 12 December 2016

PCOS | My Story

Hi Lovelies
As some of you may remember I had a little bit of a problem with my hormones and I needed a few blood tests to work out what was wrong with me, well it turns out I finally know why my hormones are all over the place and also a reason I have put on so much weight gain over the past two years        (approx 4 stones 👀) I got a phone call off my doctor telling me my results of my blood test and she told me I have PCOS. I must admit I thought it might have been that to begin with but it was still a bit  of shock to actually found out I actually had it myself. 

Now I know everyone who has PCOS is different and symptoms vary for person to person.
I knew something wasn't right with my irregular periods, weight gain and hair loss. The irregular periods they started pretty much after I took out my implant birth control because I thought my body didn't agree with it, after months of waiting for my period to return to normal they never did and my  periods came between 45-55 days which for me was a bit scary and I must admit I took a handful of pregnancy tests all of which were negative. 

The weight gain was a big shock because I have usually always been a size 8 in my late teens/early twenties and as soon as I turned 23-24 the weight kept creeping on quite quickly. I am between size 16-18 now and as much as I love being curvy its quite a bit of weight to have added in a short space of time.

Now the hair loss was another worrying factor for me because all I have to do is put my hands through my hair and lots of my hair comes out in my hands or I could be in the shower and my hair blocks the plug hole, so you can imagine its quite a lot at times. 

Now I know its different for everyone but Il put a list on things that were and are the signs of my PCOS.  They may be more but I am not 100% on them so I will add them to future posts once I know 100%, so keep an eye for them.

My PCOS Symptoms 

  • Irregular periods: Not only are they irregular but once it finally decides to appear my period can be very heavy and only last about 4 days, those days are 3 heavy and 1 light. I usually get them between every 45-55 days at the moment. 
  • Weight Gain: Now this is a one I am struggling to manage at the moment and I know I have to make some changes to make sure I am healthier, it has defiantly been a challenge though so far this year. 
  • Thinning Hair: With my hair being very thick it isn't noticeable but I notice and its something that can be shocking sometimes especially when I brush my hair.
  • Unwanted Hair: This one isn't major for me but it is defiantly their. I have a little bit more hair on my upper lip are and also on my chin.
*Everyone is different with PCOS, these are my main symtoms only*

Things I am going to do to improve symptoms
  • Improve My Diet 
  • Keep a food diary 
  • Exercise More
  • Be positive about it 

This is the first of a series of posts I will be doing about PCOS, I know its not everyones cup of tea but its posts I want to do and I want to document my journey.

*I am not a doctor and these are things I have had and everyone is different, if you have any queries always ask your GP*
If you want to know more about PCOS check out these sites

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  1. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with PCOS as well, I put on so much weight from it that I have become so insecure about myself :/ I hope I can lose some of it and start to feel less insecure soon

    Megan /

  2. I've noticed more people speaking on PCOS. I follow someone with it on YouTube and she shares her exercise and diet tips regarding it. I hope you are able to overcome it x

  3. Sarah-Louise Bailey13 December 2016 at 18:57

    It's good that now you know what you are dealing with and can start to take steps to improve your symptoms.

  4. Aw poor you but thank god you now know what is making you ill. I am looking forward to all the positivity and am spreading some your way xx

  5. I know quite a few people who have PCOS and it can be such a struggle. Love your honesty for sharing your story!

  6. At least you finally have a proper diagnosis now so you can make changes and see what helps. x

  7. I've suffered with PCOS for 15 years now. It took a while to adjust but I've learnt how to help manage it now. Some months are still tough. I hope you find what works for you x

  8. Stephanie Merry14 December 2016 at 16:02

    I'm glad you managed to get a diagnosis to know what you're dealing with and wish you luck with your lifestyle changes x

  9. I am glad you finally got a proper diagnosis and you can now make the changes that you need to x

  10. So sorry to hear about your PCOS diagnosis, I have a friend who was diagnosed with it just as we were finishing high school it was stressful time for her

  11. I have a friend that suffers from this and it is such a struggle. Good for you for sharing your story!

  12. Its good that you now know what is causing the symptoms so at least you can do something about it.

  13. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. It's so great that you're brave enough to share it though. I'm sure many people will find this post very useful. Good luck with everything!

  14. Having periods that irregular would worry me every month. Glad you have got a diagnosis and have an answer.

  15. Good you are aware of the issue and know how to tackle it. Good luck with it all.

  16. When I was about 16 my then best friend was diagnosed with pcos she was told there were certain things she wouldnt be able to do and proved each and every one wrong and lives a normal life. Once you get it under control you will feel a million times better. Good luck xx

  17. Ali - We Made This Life15 December 2016 at 22:35

    Aw I'm sorry you are suffering with this. You have a great approach to it though and hopefully some of the changes you are implementing will help.

  18. I feel you pain ref weight gain. I have it but for the opposite reasons to you. I'm peri-menpausal and my metabolism has decided it hates me so I'm having to rethink my diet which may include a lot of green smoothies after the new Year!

  19. Amazing how honest and brave you are being! I too have pcos and have just been brave enough to share :) please read