Thursday, 24 March 2016

Favourite Spring Lipsticks

spring inspired favourite lipsticks
Hi Lovelies
One thing I love about spring is the brighter days and the beautiful  spring flowers and to contrast these things I just love to change my lipstick choices a little bit and I end up wearing either a variation of pink lipstick or a nude lipstick. In the winter I usually wear a vampy shade lipsticks such a bright reds and purples other shades that match my winter wardrobe but once the spring finally comes I like to change up my lipsticks as my wardrobe changes for the warmer weather (fingers crossed)

If they is one thing I love to collect well its going to be an easy answer to say and as I am sure you can all guess what it is, its lipsticks! I have so many now that I don't even count anymore but I do think its over 50 now.

favourite spring lipsticks
My Favourite Spring Lipsticks

B. Sherbet Dip Lipstick - This lipstick is a hot pink in a satin finish and has a very nice creamy formula that glides on the lips effortlessly. This lipstick has a spf 15 and is cruelty free and vegan.

Makeup Revolution Salvation Lipsticks -  I have so many of them but this one has to be my all time favourite as its lovely vibrant coral shade which I think is perfect for the warmer months. These lipsticks remind me of the jeffree star and lime crime lipsticks I am saving up for.

Butter London Lippy in Macbeth - I found this gorgeous lipstick while shopping in tkmaxx a few months back and I haven't looked back, this lipstick is vibrant coral almost red shade that has a glossy finish which I think looks very nice in the spring and summer.

Illamasqua Cherub Lipstick - Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands because they are cruelty free and I just love the variety of makeup they have to offer including this lipstick. This lipstick is called cherub and is nude shade in a sheen finish and for me its perfect for the days I want to wear as minimal makeup as possible.

Lime Crime Countessa Fluorescent - This is the only lime crime lipstick I own and I really wish I could buy more but they aren't available in the UK  but can be bought on the lime crime website. This lipstick is a bright pink in sheen finish and I kid you not this lipstick is so long lasting even after countless coffees.

spring inpirsed lipstick favourites swatches
The swatches left to right are; Sherbet, salvation, Macbeth, cherub and countessa fluoresant.

These are only a selection of my lipsticks and ones I love to wear during  the spring but with that being said I love wearing lots of other shades of lipsticks too, it depends on my mood and what I am wearing that practically day, and not just that its not always the nicest of weather in the UK.

What are your favourite lipsticks in the Spring?
Melissa x
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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Lush Spring Haul

Hi Lovelies
I just love lush and I must admit its one of my favourite shops for many reasons; first being they is always new products according to what season it is such as valentine times day and Christmas, second they is a vast range of products they have on offer such as soaps, makeup and hair care and of course they are a cruelty free brand, which in my book makes them the cream of the crop.

I Went to lush a few days ago and instead of going to the usual lush I usually go to, I decided to go to a different one and the one I went too was so much bigger then the one I normally go to! I'm so glad I went to a different one and not only that I  have decided this lush will be the place where I do most of my lush shopping from now on, the reason being it's got more things displayed and its much easier to choose ( it's still hard to choose though because I want to buy the whole shop haha)

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the soaps in lush! don't they all look amazing? I want to try them all, the devils nightcap smelt amazing as did layer cake which smelled super fruity.

What I bought

Bubble Gum Lip Scrub ( £5.50)
Its been ages since I last bought a lip scrub, I think the last time was 2014 when I bought a Christmas themed lip scrub. I loved that lip scrub so thought I would treat myself to another, they was 3 in the lip scrub range and I decided to get bubble gum as it smelled nice and sweet and is a nice candy pink colour which looks nice.

Bouncy Bunny Shower Gelly (£3.95)
I have never tried a shower gelly before but I decided to give one a whirl to see what one was like, this one is extra special as its in the shape of bunny and smells like fresh oranges. I've also heard they last a long time so hopefully it will.

Bunch of Carrots (£6.25)
I remember buying these last year but they were completely orange but this year they are much brighter and different colours. They smell very zesty, I love zesty smells they always brighten up my mood. If they are anything like last years bunch of carrots they will last for ages, maybe 9 baths.

Sea Spray (£9.95)
Every time my husband goes to the barbers they always use sea salt on his hair and always  try to sell him some spray but I told him lush sold this and this one was a lot cheaper too. My husband has used this a few times already and wow its smells gorgeous like grapefruits.

I'm super happy in what I bought in lush but while I was there I smelled a lush perfume called kerbside violet and I really wish I bought it as it smells like Parma violets, one things for sure I'll be getting it next time I'm in lush.

What are your favourite products from lush? 
Melissa x

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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Moo Free Mini Moos Review

moo free mini moos review
Hi Lovelies
diary free options in supermarkets has grown dramatically as they is more demand seeing as the number of vegans and the number of people wanting dairy free options has grown has grown. I remember at one point it was hard finding things in supermarkets but now they is usually a whole section of free from products with more selections of everyday products including my on favourites.. chocolate and that's where I picked up these mini moos, in my local Morrisons.

Moo free is a leading dairy free chocolate company that instead of using cows milk they use rice milk which tastes remarkably like chocolate that isn't vegan, the only difference being no cows are needed to make the chocolate. This chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, casein free and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
moo free mini moos review

Tried and tested
  • Minty Moo - This was very smooth chocolate and has crunchy minty bits on it, the flavour was very delicate and tasted very much like milk chocolate, similar to mint thins.
  • Bunnycomb - This one also has smooth chocolate and has lots of crunchy honeycomb on top which makes it taste dive and reminds me a lot of crunchies.
  • Cheeky Orange - Has same decoration as the minty moo and instead of crunchy mint it has lovely crunchy orange. This is like terrys chocolate orange.
My thoughts
I love these bars and are my favourites by far as they are very creamy as they are made from rice milk and to me the rice milk tastes so much nicer then chocolate made out of soy. My favourite has to be the bunny comb and I will defiantly be stocking up on them because they taste so nice!

Other Moo Free chocolates available.
  • Original mini moo
  • Large Original Bar
  • Large Orange Bar
  • Large Mint Bar
  • Crunchy Banana Bar
  • Cranberry and hazelnut Bar
  • Caramelised Hazelnut Bar
  • Easter Eggs in bunny comb, mint and orange.

Available at some waitrose, sainsburys, morrisons and Holland and barretts.
For more on moo free chocolate check out

What is your favourite dairy free chocolate?
Melissa x
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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The Vegan Kind #29 Review

the vegan kind #29 review
Hi Lovelies
The vegan kind is now my only subscription box that I have now every month because its the only subscription box I can find that is 100% cruelty free and vegan. Every month I look forward to getting my box because it has new vegan products to try and to me that's so exciting and a great way to find new vegan products you might not of found before.

Featured Campaign of the month
Special needs older rabbits sanctuary
10p from the sales of these boxes goes to this charity
more on this charity

Inside Marchs vegan kind box
  • Hectares Sweet potato crisps (RRP £1.00) These are crisps with a difference, instead of being made of the average potato these are made out of the healthier alternative sweet potato. These are hand cooked and are made with the finest natural ingredients.
  • Considerit Chocolate Cream Egg (RRP £1.90) One of my old favourite chocolates was Cadbury cream egg and you wont believe how happy I was to see this in this months vegan kind box! A vegan cream egg, yay! I ate this over two days as I found that one half was enough and it was little bit rich.
  • Soypresso (RRP £2.19) Soypresso is a vegan coffee to go and is made with recyclable material. This is lovely when its served chilled and I really enjoyed  it and so did my husband, who,by the way is not vegan!
  • The Foods of Athenry Cookie Shots Bite Size Brownie Biscuits (RRP £2.95) I just love cookies and getting these is like the icing on the cake for me.  My family loved these cookies and they are the perfect treat size. The cookies are gluten free and only 18 calories per mini cookie.
  •  Wheaty Red Hot Chilli Pepper Spacebar (RRP £1.20) Spacebar is a perfect travel size snack that is full of protein. This is a hot dog altenative and can be used in a number of ways such as adding to homemade pasta, in a sandwich or on its on.
  • Vegan for the animals magnet (RRP £2.50) I have put this on my fridge and is the perfect reminder to why I am vegan.
  • Choose Compassion Go Vegan Sticker (RRP £1.50) This is a decent size sticker and I have put it on the back of my laptop.

Box worth = £13.24

My thoughts
I have being getting the vegan kind box for nearly 2 years now and have never been disappointed with a box because they helped me find vegan products on my road to being vegan. I would recommend this box to anyone thinking of being vegan or anyone who would like to try vegan foods, this box has a great variety of products every month. My favourite products this month has to be the fridge magnet and the vegan cream egg.

The vegan kind is £10 a month plus £.3.15 P&P

Melissa x

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Lush Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb Review

lush rose bombshell revirew
Hi Lovelies
I must admit I have had this Lush bath bomb for over three weeks now and the main reason for that being is that this smells so damn good and I was reluctant to use it because it made my bedroom smell like fresh roses and the smell of roses is one of my favourite scents.

Rose bombshell is from the mothers day collection at lush and it is also vegan and like everything else in lush cruelty free. The design of this is a simple rose pattern repeated on pastel pink with the odd bit of light blue. The scent is a mixture of rose, geranium and lemon.

lush rose bombshell bathbomb review
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb ( RRP £3.95)
After putting rose bombshell in the bath it fizzed into a beautiful display all over my bath to a lovely shade of pastel pink and after about a minute the centre of this released lots of beautiful yellow dried petals which floated to the top to the bath which looked gorgeous and made the bath extra special and the perfect treat. The smell of roses could be smelled all over my flat and the smell was gorgeous, the rose smell is just divine and reminds me of lying down in the garden in the summer time next to roses! The bath turned into the most lovely shade of bubble gum pink and combined with the scattered yellow petals, I think it looked lovely.

The smell is quite sweet almost like Turkish delight and seeing as that is one of my favourite sweets made this bath more enjoyable for me. I love the way rose bombshell felt of my skin and the feel of this in the bath was almost like milk. I felt no need to moistures after using this because my skin felt soft after the bath.
lush rose bombshell review
Final thoughts
I was pleasantly surprised at this bath bomb and is a one I am thinking of getting again in future because the smell of roses doesn't get old to me and reminds me of one of my favourite past times (gardening). The price maybe a bit steep at £3.95 but its worth it for some indulgence every now and again.

What are your favourite products from Lush?
Melissa x

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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Favourite Cruelty free Highlighters

favourite highlighters
Hi Lovelies
If you asked me two years ago what my favourite highlighter was I wouldn't have a clue what you would of been talking about, to me the only highlighters I knew of at that time were the usual bright fluorescent highlighters you use on paper. Thankfully that's all in the past now and now I use cosmetic highlighters almost daily with my makeup routine as they are the perfect way to brighten my complexion and give me an effortless contour and also define my brows.

I have  a few highlighters now in my collection and I have narrowed down my favourites to four products and they are all cruelty free and veggie. These are the ones I have narrowed them down too.

vegan highlighters
The Balm - Mary-Lou Manizer
Out of all my highlighters this one  has to be my favourite  because its the brightest most long lasting highlighter I have used yet. This is perfect for define brows, contouring cheek bones and as a shimmery base for an eye shadows. Mary-Lou has golden undertones which is bit like champagne.

Makeup Revolution blushing hearts iced hearts
I just love the design of this highlighters box! it reminds me a lot of the too faced blushers but for a fraction od the price. This is perfect combined with bronzer or blusher and has a light pink under tone slightly like pink lemonade.

Makeup Revolution golden lights
This is the first highlighter that I bought and is the main reason I love highlighters so much now! Over the past year I have  wore this combined with bronzer or blusher and has a golden undertones.

Barry M Radiant Rod Highlighter
I recently got this in my last vegan kind  beauty box and its been used lots since I got it! This is the perfect subtle highlighter and its perfect for defining brows and for a subtle highlight.

favoruite vegan highlighters
Uses for Highlighters
  • Arch brows
  • Define cheek bones
  • Define cupids bow
  • Eyeshadow base

What are your favourite highlighters?
Melissa x

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Beauty Favourites

Hi Lovelies

February is one of my favourite months because for one they is a lot of birthdays including 4 generations of women in my family, my nana, mum, sister and my youngest daughter. Another thing I love about February is they more daylight and brighter and sunnier days. I really think  this years winter has outstayed its welcome and we need a bit of spring and sunshine. I am so glad to see that  the daffodils are coming and snow drops and crocus are blooming and also on that note I have noticed my beauty/makeup  routine has been inspired by the incoming spring.
  • The Balm - Mary Lou Manizer I just love this highlighter! I use it to define my cheek bones and also to define my brows, its just fab and worth the hype.
  • Soap and Glory - Heel Genius Before I started using this my feet were quite dry but after using this for a couple of weeks my feet were super soft and still are. This foot cream is very soothing on feet and it smells beautiful like all soap and glory products.
  • Soap and Glory - Supercat  Eyeliner eyeliner is a major part of my makeup routine and a good one is a must. This eyeliner gives an effortless winged liner in the matter of minutes and lasts all day without smudging.
  • Butter London Lippy - Macbeth This brand was fairly new to me at the start of 2015 but now I just want to try more makeup from the brand. This lippy is very glossy and has intense coral red shade.
  • Barry M - Radiant Rod Highlighter This highlighter is just fab at defining the brows to help achieve a brow arch. I also use this on my eyelids to brighten them and also as a primer for eye shadow.
What are your February favourites?
Melissa x
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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Barry M Showgirl Mascara Review

barry m showgirl extra lengthing mascra review
Hi Lovelies
I just love eyeliner and I pretty much use it everyday and is always in my makeup routine so its a very important job my mascara has to do and that is to help define my cat eyeliner and to make my lashes look nice, a good mascara is as equally good as a good eyeliner. I have tried a few brands of mascaras but always seem to come back to Barry M as they are affordable and ones I have tried before have always done the job wonderfully so I thought I would give show girl extra volume mascara a whirl.
The name of this mascara showgirl reminds me of Barry Manilow's song Copacabana and had me singing it in my head for some reason haha! Anyways onto the mascara again, on the website it claims that this mascara is extra lengthening and gets every lash. Barry M makeup is all cruelty free and has all its products ingredients on the products pages on their website.
Barry M showgirl extra lenghting mascara review
First and foremost I just absolutely love the design on this mascara! it really matches its name perfectly well and looks to me like a premium product, even though its a high street product. The mascara brush is a typical mascara wand shape, which is fab as usually they work really well on my lashes. Unfortunately that's the only things I can compliment about this mascara as applying it I honestly could see no difference and the only thing it looked like to me was it was brushing them which was a little bit disappointing to say the least. On closer expectation of my lashes they were not lengthened, no even a smidgen but it did separate them and added a delicate amount of colour to the lashes.
I wouldn't say it was a waste of money but it doesn't match its name but with that being said it is a good mascara for a more natural makeup look and I have used it a few times for that use. 
Barry M Showgirl mascara is £4.99 and is online and in Superdrug online and in store.
Melissa x
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