Thursday, 19 January 2017

20 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi Flamingos
They is nothing more I love more than positive and happy things so I have decided to post more upbeat and positive posts on my blog including this one. I know somedays aren't always going to be positive but I like to fill them with all sorts of positive things anyway. I know this kind of post may sound a little cheesy but you know I feel happy about posting these kinda of post and since its my blog and its all about me this blog I thought it would fit in accordingly. 

They are more things I love too and make me happy but I thought a little list would be fun and nice comparison to see what other things people find make them happy. 
  1. Being a Mum - I am a mum of 3 kids and they are my everything.
  2. All of my Family -This includes my kids, my partner and my lovely mum
  3. My Cats; Kitty, Bella and Salem. Kitty is like the mummy of them all, she is a tabby cat and she's 8 years old now. Salem is a tom cat who likes to think he's boss but he's just cuddly and very friendly, he's almost 5. Lastly Bella our youngest is a calico and she's just laid back. 
  4. Wrestling - I have watched wrestling for as long as I can remember, I like to watch WWE and also independent wrestling companies. My favourite wrestlers are Batista, Eddie Guerrero and Jack Jester.  
  5. Going to the gym - If you asked me 2 years ago this wouldn't of been on the list haha but you  know the gym is something I have learned to love over time. I enjoy going most days now. 
  6. Baking - I am not going to be the best baker and take part in the British bake off but I do enjoy baking from time to time. My favourite things to make are banana bread, cupcakes and cakes. My kids enjoy helping me and they like putting on sprinkles and mixing the cake mix.
  7. Flamingos (obviously 😜) - I have always stood like a flamingo growing up (no idea why) I love how pink and fabulous flamingos look. I have a few flamingo things like a phone case, cushions and candles.
  8. Jogging - When its nice weather I enjoy jogging with my partner, its great fun and quite competitive at times too haha. 
  9. Reading -  I must admit I didn't read much at all till last year that is. Last year I read 3 books and I have a few books to read this year. Reading for me is so relaxing 
  10. My Blog - Is it vain to say I love my own blog? oh well if it is I don't mind because I am so happy how far its come in nearly 3 years and also I am happy I've kept it going for 3 years too.
  11. Lush products - I have actually lost count of the amount of Lush products I have tried over the years, I honestly just love most things I have tried in there. Lush bath times always make me happy.
  12. Drawing - I am no professional at this but its great for me, I enjoy the drawing and colouring in.
  13. Makeup  and beauty products - Before becoming a blogger I hardly owned any beauty products at all, I think I had under 10 items altogether. I have actually lost count now.
  14. The Game of Thrones - I started watching this last year, after watching the first episode I was pretty unsure whether or not to watch the next and I am so glad I decided to keep watching. 
  15. Music - I love lots of different genres of music. My favourites are from the 70s-80s and I am also a fan of Michael Jackson and Queen.
  16. Shopping - Whether its for makeup, clothes or food I just love shopping, its just great fun. Most of the time I don't buy anything I just window shop.
  17. Long walks -I love seeing wildlife and the countryside, growing up I used to go on long walks with my nana and my auntie, I loved it then and still do now.
  18. Nights out - This can be going out wrestling and or going out for dinner, the combination of the two is my favourite though. 
  19. Travelling - I have been to a fair few countries including Mexico, Spain and France, even though they are brilliant places I would love to travel the UK.
  20. Tattoos - I only have four at the moment but I would love loads more in the near future. I want a sleeve of roses on my right arm in the near future.
I know happiness is measured differently with different things but this is a list of things I love and make me happy. I would like to hear what you guys love and makes you happy?

Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. Melanies Fab Finds19 January 2017 at 22:36

    I didn't realise you had 3 kids, you don't look old enough. I have 3 and look knackered. I'm not really into jogging but I do love to power walk.

  2. Some fab happiness picks! I share a few of them, such as reading, walks when I'm well enough and music. I definitely need to add more though, will have to give this some thought! It's not vain to love your blog, it's fab! x

  3. Johanna Barrett20 January 2017 at 11:48

    Great post! It's quite a nice idea to list all the things that make you happy, it can remind you of how lucky you are, especially when you're feeling a bit down!

  4. Baking, travelling and Lush products would be on my list of happy too :)

  5. This is a fab idea - top of my list are my children too - I have four and they are my world. Love your choices. Kaz x

  6. Yay to the gym! Exercise is one of my favourite things - generally being active!

  7. Don't Cramp My Style21 January 2017 at 22:15

    Cats! I can;t even! Cats makes my whole life an dyou have 3! Awesome! I have 2 ! love them so much!

  8. Kelly Fletcher22 January 2017 at 09:59

    I saw alternative Beauty/Fashion, Lush and Wrestling in your bio and new I'd think you were fantastic already xoxo great post

  9. I think it's really important to focus on the happy things in life as there is enough bad things around

  10. Clarissa world24 January 2017 at 21:22

    love this list totally MJ fan ! and no way could i jog but well done you !
    I really need to look after me more and as you say you love your blog, the idea of sharing the products used and finding other peoples views I find interesting !

  11. Love this post! It always great to see what makes us happy in life!