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The Body Shop French Lavender Massage Oil | Review

the body shop french lavender massage oil review
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I can't believer its 2017 already and this post is my first post of the year and that marks my blogs 3rd birthday which is in July! I love blogging as much now as I did then. In 2016 I loved using many different beauty products but none stood out to me as much as the body shop products including this massage oil. I am relatively new to massage oils so trying this was a totally new thing for me.

The body shop is a favourite shop of mine over the past year, I have tried so many products this year I have lost count and I have yet to write about them on my blog. I would have wrote about them sooner but it has been a busy past few months but I promise they will be on my blog soon. The french lavender massage oil is one of a few different massage oils available in the body shop, this oil is part of the spa range.
the body shop french lavender massage oil review
First Impressions 
I just love the packaging of this massage oil and I really wish I took a picture of the box too because I firmly believe quite a lot of the time we buy with our eyes first and the box for this looks very elegant and quite high end.

The bottle looks very nice too and you could actually imagine it fitting in nicely in a spa environment.      Its quite strong and you can tell its made well and fit for the job. It has a nice cooper label on it with all the information you need on it. It also has a simple and easy to use top so you can get as much or little massage oil as you need.

The french lavender itself is actually from the south of France and the story of lavender being used is in the 14th century by King Charles VI of France, he wanted his pillows filled with lavender to help him sleep.

Now I am no expert with this product by any means but me and my partner have been using this by putting the desired amount on our backs and massaging into the skin until its absorbed. It can also be used with massage tools that are also available on the body shop website but for me personally I like using it the way I do and to be honest it has been working a charm for both of us and we have been using it for a while like that now and we not interested in the way we change using it now seeing as we are both happy.

french lavender massage oil
My Thoughts 
The smell on with this Lavender massage oil is just heavenly, it smells 100% like French lavender which is just lovely. Lavender has many benefits including helping to relax and getting a good nights sleep and thats what this massage oil is for; relaxing body and mind. With all those benefits in mind thats why me and my partner bought this because we have a busy schedule and relaxing time is a very special time for us both.

I am not the biggest fan in the world of the lavender scent but in this massage oil it was a nice relaxing smell and it was nice to world with too as it wasn't overly oily and it absorbed in the skin without any problems. While massaging my partners back he gets so relaxed with this he almost falls asleep because the smell is that soothing.

The price is £14 and may sound a little bit on the expensive side but honestly to me its worth every penny because it smells gorgeous and it has helped me and my partner relax and eventually actually get a good nights sleep which is brilliant  because we have busy schedule. 

Available Online and in store
Spa of the World - French Lavender Massage Oil - £14

What are your favourite products from  the body shop at the moment?

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  1. Hannah Latoya Bond2 January 2017 at 10:46

    This sounds like a great product. I love the body shop. I really like their tea tree range as i suffer from breakouts and it's done a great job of clearing them up

    1. Thats great, I am a fan of the tea tree range too, its just great

  • I am not normally a massive lavender fan but Body Shop are always amazing and the massage aspect does sound good!

  • Milly Youngman2 January 2017 at 12:57

    I've never really used a massage oil before, but this sounds great - anything the Body Shop do is usually fantastic!

  • I am not a fan on massage oils but have recently found a few that are not too greasy, I am a huge fan of their body butters x

  • I am not huge lover of Lavender but the oil sounds lovely and I really, really like the bottle shape, it would look great on my dressing table.


  • Jimmy & Tina Durham2 January 2017 at 16:33

    I love the smell of Lavender and it sounds wonderful, We just tried an new oil and love when it goes on not to greasy. This one sounds lovely and may have to give it a try. would use in my bath as well. Love bath oils...

  • Sounds like a great product, I love The Body Shop and currently have some of the body lotions.

  • Carpe Diem Emmie2 January 2017 at 20:59

    I really love the smell of Lavender, especially before bedtime it really helps! I'm always encouraged to try more Body Shop products and never do so i'm going to make an effort to try this after reading your great review!


  • Helen Costello2 January 2017 at 22:36

    I'm a real sucker for pretty packaging - Such a marketers dream! This bottle seem really different to what I have seen previously from The Body Shop. I must remember to have a smell next time I'm near a Body Shop.

  • So inspired by how many years you've been blogging! I really like your layout, i'm acutallyy going to browse around the pipdig website now! ps- your picture of you and your dog at the bottom of your page is precious!! I have a yorkie poo hehe

  • I think I'd probably like that scent! This would definitely be nice for a day of pampering and relaxation.

  • I definitely need to relax more and get more sleep so this could be perfect for me! xxx

  • Charlotte Evans3 January 2017 at 03:23

    this sounds beautiful for relaxation and helping to get to sleep, I actually quite like the lavender scent (seem to be in the minority of people that do!) so I'll definitely be trying this out! :) xx

  • Stephanie Merry3 January 2017 at 10:09

    This sounds great - I absolutely love the smell of lavender! x

  • Melanies Fab Finds3 January 2017 at 16:43

    The lavender massage oil sounds great I do love the scent and it's really good for relaxing the mind and muscles.

  • I love the scent of lavender, it's so relaxing :)

  • I have been meaning to try this out. This really does sound divine. xx

  • Sound so perfect and something that I could really use right now! I didn't think it was too bad a price for what it is and how well you say it works, I'll have to check it out!

  • I'm a big fan of lavender and it's healing properties. Lavender oil is a fantastic relaxant, has great antibacterial and antiseptic properties amongst others and is wonderful in cakes and bakes

  • i love the sound of this. i need to relax a lot more and still haven't got any lavender. i'll look into this

  • This sounds amazing I certainly need to relax more so may have to try it out

  • Great post! I've been wanting to try more things for my body, and find it hard to relax x

  • Damn, should've bought this for my mum for Christmas - she loves Lavender! I am not a fan of the smell but I do love the body shop so I wonder if they have other scents.

  • I adore lavender. Totally my cup of tea... it just has so many benefits. Use the essential oils but this would be a great addition.

  • Sounds divine! My mummy could do with a good massage! She loves lavender too!

  • Jemma @ Celery and Cupcakes5 January 2017 at 10:42

    This sounds wonderful. I need to try this range out.


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