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Lush Cupid Bath Bomb | Review

lush cupid bath bomb review
Valentine's Day is a day which is very much like marmite you either you love or you don't and me for one am not a fan to be honest. I am not saying that I don't love my partner its just we have certain times of the year we like celebrating and for us Valentine's Day is always so busy everywhere or booked and not only that he works a lot too. We have some days dedicated to going out together for events, meals or just movie nights in having a loving cuddle.

 hen why the heck did I buy the lush Valentine's Day collection do you ask? Well I'm a sucker when it comes to Lush holiday collections and this collection is so freaking adorable especially with the fact they have a unicorn horn and lots of love heart themed things. I bought a few gorgeous products in my Lush Valentine's Day Haul so it you want to see it give that wee link a click to see what amazing things I bought.

lush valentines day
Now I must apologise for the quality of the photos of cupid in the bath, I had to use my phone camera as my camera needed to be charged. I will be remembering next time as I love showing you all the true beauty of Lush products.

First Impressions
Because valentines is all about love I just had to get this as its shaped like a love heart with cupids bow. I have to admit I just think its just adorable and the smell goes perfect with it too. The heart is pastel pink like candy and the arrow is a lovely hot pink.

The price is a decent price of £2.95 which is fair since it is not as big as a lot of the other bath bombs in Lush. 

As I said above the scent is just GORGEOUS! It has a lovely sweet fragrance and the 4 key fragrances in cupid are Persian Lime oil, Bergamot Oil, Violet Leaf absolute and Rose petal powder.
lush cupid valentines day collection
Final Thoughts
After I filled my bath with lovely warm water I dropped this into the bath gently and as soon as I did that this beauty started to slowly fizz and release white and pink in all directions until it started swirling. Usually bath products melt or fizz away quite quickly but this was the opposite this is a slow melter with lots of soft foam bubbles that feel lovely on the hand.

I went in the bath with my partner and we both noticed how beautiful the smell of the violet and other scents went together so nicely, it reminded us both of the retro and still one of my favourite sweets parma violets. Once in the bath this was still melting showing us how gorgeous the swirls of hot pink and white went together, I think it took about 10 minutes to completely melt and even then I helped it a little by squashing it.

After getting out the bath I smelt exactly like this and the smell of violets stayed on my skin until the next day which I just love about lush products. One thing I know and I do is when I have a lush bath I tend to do more skincare things like wear a face mask and put lots of serum on my skin and body moisturiser. 

If you like sweet smelling Lush products then yes this worth buying, its also quite nice display if display is one of the reasons you buy lush products.

Available online and instore.
Lush Cupid Bath Bomb // £2.95 

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  1. theurbanrealist13 February 2017 at 20:48

    Lush always has the best products! I didn't know they did a Valentine's Day line, but it totally makes sense!

  2. Sarah-Louise Bailey13 February 2017 at 21:35

    The cupid bath bomb really does look so pretty in the bath! It sounds like the smell is just lovely as well. I do love a lush bomb and this one looks great x

  3. I love anything by Lush so it would be a win win for me as well. Plus it looks so cute!

  4. Stephanie Merry14 February 2017 at 09:18

    I love the Lush bits, and this bath bomb looks fab! x

  5. Mellissa Williams14 February 2017 at 09:21

    You can always smell a Lush shop miles down the road! I love this bath bomb, its cute and would make a lovely little gift

  6. I stocked up and bought a few of these because like you I love the scent, it's so pretty and makes the bath water look beautiful x

  7. It looks so pretty lush is the go to place for bath bombs x

  8. Healthy & Psyched14 February 2017 at 12:32

    I think your photos are great. It looks so pretty fizzing away. Not sure I could get my boyfriend to go in the bath with it though haha!

  9. It looks amazing! I hope they'll have this still post valentines day x

  10. I have used this too and I absolutely loved it, the scent is just divine x

  11. Melanies Fab Finds14 February 2017 at 21:01

    How pretty is that and I love the way it melts into the water. I bet the violet sweet aroma was fabulous!

  12. Lush products really smells good! Never tried their Valentine's edition but i'm sure it really smells good just like the other products! Now I want to soak in a bath tub too!

  13. I was with you all the way until you said Parma Violets. My least favourite sweet of all time. I used to think of them as sweets handed out by elderly relatives who didn't really like children.

  14. Both myself and my Daughter love lush products, unfortunately we haven't been in for a long time, so not tried this, it sounds like heaven to me. I need to visit Lush soon x

  15. Lush hands down make the best bath bombs. This one looks fabulous im sure it smelt incredible x

  16. my daughters going through the love of lush at the moment and so bathbombs are definitely a love of hers x

  17. Ali - We Made This Life15 February 2017 at 12:36

    I love Lush products and I really like getting their seasonal ones too. I completely missed Valentines ones though - gutted!

  18. I haven't tried Lush Valentine's range, but I am a big fan of their products! :)

  19. Hannah Bailey-Churcher15 February 2017 at 13:24

    I absolutely adore this bath bomb, I've already grabbed a few to use throughout the year! xo

  20. I am literally Lush obsessed. I have to try and stay away from there though, as I spend way too much money haha

  21. This is the first time that I heard about this and looks so good

  22. This is a cute a bath bomb. I love things shaped like a heart. I love how it fuzzed in the water. Pretty pictures!

  23. Lush make such great bath bombs that smell amazing that you can leave them on your windowsill for a couple of days to use as air freshners I need a trip to go treat myself!

  24. I love Lush products, especially their bath bombs. I think I'll indulge tonight.


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