Wednesday, 29 March 2017

10 Things I Love About Spring

10 things I'm loving spring
Is it me or did winter months feel like they lasted for AGES this year?! It may still be a little bit cold here in Glasgow but some days are defiantly starting to feel like spring, just the other day I was walking and I only wore a hoodie and I was still too warm, I think the temperature was 17℃. The clocks have also went forward and now the days are so much longer now. I look forward to sun rising early and the sun setting late too.

As much as I loved winter and all the amazing things about winter such as Christmas, the snow and all of the snuggly clothes its nice to welcome spring.

10 things Im loving about spring
spring time

  1. The LONGER days - I love it when the days are longer because I like seeing the sun shine and also it gives me more of a chance to take blog photos because as a busy mum of 3 it's not always easy finding the time.
  2. Warmer weather -  As much as I love the winter and the fashion that comes along with it I am just excited to start weather t-shirts and maxi dresses.
  3. Fashion - I just love the embroidery thats in fashion right now, I have a big wish list with a few things I want such as the boots and blouses. I also like wearing hoodies too because they are so darn comfortable too. 
  4. Food - I know these foods are available all year round but I seem to enjoy smoothies and ice cream much more in the warmer months. 
  5. Mother's Day - I just Mother's Day because my kids are so lovely and make me cards and always bring me lovely gifts. This year they bought me a box of chocolate and a gorgeous Orchid flower.
  6. Easter -  As a family we just love Easter, my children like choosing their easter eggs and my mum likes to spoil them too when we go  to visit her during the school holidays. I have a few craft things in mind to do this year and also some baking too. 
  7. The Flowers  - It's so nice to see to see daffodils, tulips and crocus it is a very colourful reminder spring is here and it's the first of the many flowers and greenery of the season. 
  8. Running/Jogging - Even though I can run or jog all year round spring has to be my most favourite time of the year to do it because it's not too hot and it's not too cold. I need to keep my motivation to keep at it though. 
  9. Wrestlemania - I love all the wrestling shows from WWE and the independent circuits in the UK but my favourite event of the wrestling calendar has to be wrestlemania. I am most looking forward to the Roman Reigns vs The Undertaker match. 
  10. Amazing new films in cinema - I have not been to the cinema in over 10 years but I am going to have to go soon because I want to see beauty and the beast. Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time Disney films so it's exciting to see this version.

What do you love about spring and what is you're favourite season? 

Melissa x
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits | Review

makeup revolution retro luxe matte lip kits review
"Hands up if you love lipstick! I know I sure do" - I have lost count of how many I actually have but thats OK! The reasons being that it is ok is because I love to have a variety and another reason for me has to be that no two lipsticks are the same, they all have their uniqueness to them whether it be the shade or the finish of the actual lipstick. 

Makeup Revolution has been a favourite brand of mine pretty much since they started out almost 3 years ago. Ever since then the brand has grown considerably and the amount of products they have brought out during that time is MASSIVE. One of the things that Makeup Revolution are known for is very good quality dupes and affordable makeup. The lip kits just scream out similarities to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, which is great because this would be a great budget option. 

makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits swatches
I have been searching for these Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kits for a few weeks since they were released and honestly they were sold out a few times before I could finally get my hands on them and when I did I treated myself to three of the lip kits - Glory, Noble and Regal. Inside the packaging they is a lip pencil and liquid lipstick.

In the range they have a choice of 8 different shades and they are a budget friendly price of just £6 each. Other shades in the range include: Reign, Grandee, Echelon, Royal and Magnificent.
makeup revolution retro luxe kits regal
This is a beautiful reddy orange shade that is very creamy when you apply it to the lips, once you apply it dries to a matte consistency. The lip liner is a similar orangey red and is as equally as creamy as the liquid lipstick. 

makeup revolution retro lip kits glory
This a gorgeous autumn/vampy reddy brown shade that I just love and I would have this has to be my favourite out of the three I bought. This one was creamy as the one above but was a little more drying once it complete dried. Unfortunately the lip liner broke but I managed to fix it and now its working just fine. 

makeup revolution retro luxe kits noble
If you like nude lipsticks then this one is a very nice choice as it is a pinky nude shade and looks very too. This applied the nicest of the three and dried beautifully too. The lip liner matched this perfectly and completed the look. 

makeup revolution lip kits on lips
makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits review
My Thoughts
I love the formula of these lip kits and I have to say they are very long lasting! They can easily last most of the day without the need for reapplication. Even though I do love these lipsticks they can be a bit of  a problem once you want to remove them, it takes a lot longer to get these off compared to other lipsticks I have tried and I have tried a few products to remove it - do any of you have any suggestions for stubborn makeup removal then that would be great.

For the price I would defiantly say they are a bargain seeing as they last such a long time and the also the shades in the range are just gorgeous too.

The Good
  • The price - £6 each
  • long lasting - about 4 hours
  • good variety - 8 shades to choose from
  • Unscented - that i can smell anyway

The not so good
  • Texture - can be a bit sticky
  • Not easy to remove

Have you tried these before? What is you're favourite matte lipstick?

Melissa xx
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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Benecos Natural Beauty | First Impressions

Benecos natural beauty first impressions
Hi Lovelies
I just love trying different makeup brands and the variety of different makeup brands out there is pretty extensive now. Benecos Natural Makeup is a makeup brand that I haven't heard about since recently but I am pretty happy to have found it now and Il tell you all why a bit further down in the post of course. 

Benecos Natural Makeup was founded in Spain and the products are also natural and animal friendly. This brand was created because of the limited amount of choices of Eco friendly makeup they were available and also an affordable option too because quite a lot of Eco brands can be relatively expensive. 
benecos natural beauty review
Facts about Benecos natural beauty 
  • Does not contain mineral oil or derivatives 
  • No silicons or parabéns 
  • Nothing synthetic
  • All Natural 

benecos natural beauty swatches
Eyeshadow - Green Lagoon ( RRP £3.95)
This eyeshadow is a minty green shade and it is very creamy to apply. It has a nice benecos logo on the eyeshadow too which is a nice touch.
benecos eyeshadow
Bronzing Duo RRP ( £6.95)
This is dual compact with two beautiful products inside, on one side you have the smaller section which is a dusky pink blusher while the other side is a sun kissed bronzer. These are both creamy too and also have the Benecos logo on it too.

Hot Summer Nail Polish RRP ( £6.95)
This nail polish contains no nasties and comes in a variety of different shades. I love this nail polish as I have had it on my nails for nearly a week now and its still going very strong. 

benecos natural beauty bronzer duo
My Thoughts 
This makeup is very affordable and not only that it works very well too. I really like how pigmented everything is and also how long lasting each product is too. Even though the packaging isn't as exciting as a lot of other makeup brands the actually makeup product itself makes up for that. If you are looking for an affordable and Eco friendly makeup option then this brand is perfect.

For info check out their website here:

Have you tried this brand before?

*products sent for review, my opinions 100% honest*
Thanks for reading ♥
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Thursday, 16 March 2017

Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque | Review

Dr Botanicals Advanced Purifying Overnight Masque
Hi Lovelies
When it comes to skincare I feel that now more than ever they are more skincare products to choose from and it can be an uphill challenge deciding which ones we want to try and which will work best for our own skincare needs. Everyone is different when it comes to their own personal favourites but I like to use a few products to keep my skin looking and feeling as good as I tend to get dry patches on my skin and also rosacea.

 If you are a regular reader on my blog  you would of probably seen Dr Botanicals featured on my blog a few times including my first impressions post. Since then I have tried a few products and the most recent one is this one which is an overnight masque. 
dr botanicals overnight masque review
What is an overnight masque?
Unlike most face masques this is a face mask that you can actually sleep in, you simply apply it just as you would with any night time cream that you would put on at night time. The difference is from any other night cream is that this more intensive and works through out the night. 

Why an overnight masque?
Skin cells regeneration almost doubles at night so an overnight masque thats intensive can help repair and moisturise the skin.

Key Ingredients
  • Papaya which is rich is vitamin C and other minerals 
  • Jojoba Oil which helps to enhance skins elasticity and suppleness 
  • Sweet Almond Oil which contains natural fatty acids and vitamins A, B2, B6 and E which all in all helps keep the skin healthy and moisturised. 
First Impressions 
I really like the packaging for this as its straight to the point and also very well made too. The containers are quite small but you don't need much product so it will last quite a while. 

The cream itself feels very silky and has a very nice fresh scent to it. Once you put it on your skin it is very cooling and for me personally it felt rather relaxing. It does feel rather thick on your skin but you have to realise that this is a overnight masque rather than an overnight cream. Even though it was rather thick it did sink into my skin within 5 minutes, so I would suggest if you put this on at night time to read a book or something and wait for this to dry before going straight to sleep. 

My Thoughts
I just love this overnight cream and I tend to use it once a week since it is a thick and intense cream but for me thats enough as it leaves my skin feeling very soft, especially once I wake up the next morning after this cream. My partner has been using this as well and he likes to use it too and he says 'its a treat for me especially with my busy schedule'.

This cream is normally £67! BUT I have a discount code which reduces the price of this cream all the way down to the bargain price of £19.99!


For more info check out their website:
Have you tried an overnight masque before?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Monday, 13 March 2017

Lush Ladybird Bubble Bar | Review

lush ladybird bubble bar
Hi Lovelies 
With Mother's Day just around the corner Lush always has something themed for every special occasion as it does for every major holiday in the UK. I love seeing all the spring inspired products in Lush because for me they look so much more brighter and they match the season too. I recently bought this in my latest Valentine's Day haul post.

I think the main reason I bought this was because it looks so quirky and cute! I love ladybirds too as they are a gardeners best friend ( they keep green fly at bay). Lush have other things in the mothers day range that I want to try too such as the honey lip scrub and the yummy mummy shower gel. 
lush ladybird bubble bar review
First Impressions
I love it to be honest, it is a good size and by the looks of this I think it could be used more than once if you wanted too. I used the whole thing because I wanted to treat myself at the particular time I used this. 

I also think it matches spring perfectly because all the flowers are coming back such as daffodils and crocus plus the days are getting so  much longer now too. 

This has the combination of  minty Peppermint oil and floral Geranium Oil which for me gives this a very nice refreshing and almost earthy scent.
lush ladybird bubble bar review

Final Thoughts
Even though this could be used more than more than once I decided to use all of 'Ladybird' at once because I wanted to treat myself. The best way to use any bubble bars is to run them under warm water and to crush the bubble bar into smaller pieces, it helps to make bigger more fluffy bubbles. It was pretty easy to squash this bubble bar and it melted into the water to make it a crimson red and lots of soft bubbles too.

The scent of the minty and floral actually complimented each other perfectly making the aura of the bath smell very nice. The water itself felt silky and me and my partner defiantly think it helped to moisturise our skin. 

Available online and in-store
Ladybird Bubble Bar // RRP £3.95 

Have your tried anything from  Lush lately?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty | First Impressions

Joan Collins timeless beauty compact
Hi Lovelies
I am sure lots of us know who Joan Collins is and I know for sure I do! I used to watch her on Dynasty and I always thought she played a brilliant character called Alexis Carrington and wore very elegant clothes with glamorous hair. Over the years she has remained the same and is still as beautiful as ever and I totally believe that age is just a number.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty is a relatively new luxury makeup brand which is aimed at people of all ages. The brand is inspired by Hollywood glamour and also Joans love of art deco. The brand has many things for sale including lipsticks, palettes and perfumes.
Joan Collins Timeless beauty first impressions
Joan Collins Timeless beauty review
I just love the box that this came in; so damn sturdy and durable! It has gold writing on the front to tell you about the product and also some info on it too. One side has Joan Collins, herself, and the other side has a picture of the makeup inside the compact. 

The compact is just as gorgeous as you can see some Hollywood glamour in the design of this, it reminds me a bit of retro makeup palettes that you see online and on Pinterest.

This compact duo of lipstick and powder costs £34.00.  

The product itself is very well made and I can say its worth the money in my opinion because you get a lipstick choice of choosing and a pressed powder too. They are both beautifully put inside a compact which has a nice little mirror and a little sponge to put the foundation powder on, so it's a perfect addiction for travelling or putting in your handbag.
Joan Collins Timeless beauty packaging
Joan Collins lipsticks
Both of the products in the compact in my opinion are luxury! I just love them both to be honest and I am so glad that I have finally tried some makeup from this brand. The lipstick is called 'Helene' and is a very retro blue-ish red. Theres a slight scent to it but nothing over-powering, its also very soft almost like velvet when applying to the lips. Once on the lips it give a beautiful glossy look and stays on for so many hours, it's unreal for a glossy lipstick! I had a few coffees with this on and even though there was a tiny bit of lipstick on my cup edge, my lipstick still looked flawless. Absolutely incredible !

The face powder is pretty good too, I have applied it on my liquid foundation to help set it and its worked wonders to help keep my foundation on for that extra bit longer which is a big plus for me,     and not only that, it saves me using my urban decay all-night spray all the time haha.

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Compact duo | RRP £34.00

Have you tried any beauty products from Joan Collins before?

Thanks for reading ♥ 
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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Goodnight Ben

Writing this post wasn't easy and I did cry at some points writing this but I wanted to share the memory of our beloved dog Ben.

Growing up me and my sister always kept asking my mum "when are we getting a dog" she always replied the same answer to us both "when the time is right we will get one". Then one day I was looking in my local paper and in the pets section I seen puppies for sale and the puppies for sale were Airedale Terriers. I showed the paper to my mum and pretty much begged her to have a look at them and she finally said yes. It was with pure luck when my mum phoned the ad the pups were around the corner and we got to see them that very afternoon and thats were we fell in love and knew we wanted this partially pup, he had a sparkle to his eyes.

It was the end of October 2003 that we got our puppy and that was when I was 13 and sister was 9. We all decided the best name for him was Ben as we couldn't agree on anything else. He was an adorable puppy, he had lots of curly fur and lots of energy. Raising Ben was a journey with lots of hurdles such as house training him, he took a while to go outside and he actually had a poo on my favourite teddy that I had since I was a baby. Through all of that he was a ball of energy  that enjoyed playing, going for walks and being like a velociraptor till he got his adult teeth.
Memories we cherish 
  • Every time I came home from school and even when I grew up, Ben was always the first one to greet me when I came home or visited my mums house, he used to jump up to say hello and he also used to give me a paw and give hi5s.
  • Taking him on long walks he used to enjoy going through long grass and smelling different things with his beautiful button nose. He made lots of friends with lots of different dogs and the owners alike. 
  • My mum is the airedale lady, in the town that we live. Many people know my mum as the airedale lady because she took Ben pretty much wherever she went and he got many compliments because he was such a big teddy and loved getting attention. 
  • He wanted to go everywhere with my mum, honestly the friendship he had with my mum was so beautiful.  One example il give you is every time she went to college he wanted to go with her so I used to take him with me to go pick her up and honesty loved that.
  • He loved all of the family and he was like an uncle to my children. I cant explain but I am sure other dog owners will know what I mean.

Through the years
Ben was a very highly active dog who used to love going for walks once or twice a day and the longer the walk the better. We used to take him near the river or the countryside and he was in his element there because he ran everywhere and he made friends with other dogs and he loved to be stroked by other dog owners too and if they were a bit of luck he would get a treat.

Whenever he was thirsty he kicked his bowl over to the sink which made a big clatter to let people know he wanted a drink, whenever he needed a toilet he scratched the door and whenever he wanted a cuddle he put his head on your foot and looked at you with his big teddy bear eyes.

When we knew something was wrong
Ben was very healthy throughout his life but it was in November 2016 that I knew something wasn't right, he was lying on his back and I see lots of red blotches on his skin and I told my mum about them and she was a bit worried too so we took him to the vet the next day. The vet the next day said it was only a skin infection and gave him to medication. After a couple of weeks the medication wasn't working and not only that growths had started to grow on his tummy which looked very angry and sore and his mouth also started to smell.

We took him back to the vet and she looked at my mum with a very sad face and we knew then it was something more sinister than a skin infection. Ben was diagnosed with skin cancer and he was given a couple of months to live because of his age and how much it spread.

It was quite upsetting to be honest but we didn't want Ben to see us upset because he was smart and knows so much. He got more treats and he got his picture taken everyday.

Everyday with him was a blessing.

Ben was LOVED and is still Loved 💜

Saying Goodbye
Honestly Goodbyes are just truly awful and nothing really prepares you for it to be honest, Ben thought so hard everyday but on the 9th of December it just got too much for him and the vet was called out. Everyone gave him cuddles and talked to him and he passed with his family near him. It was a surreal moment and even now I am still upset by it at times because he has always been there and the thought of him not being there just seemed so cruel.

Gone but not forgotten 
Ben has been cremated and placed in a beautiful urn with dried flowers and a very nice wooden box. Getting him back was so much easier for everyone especially my mum. We have a few of his pictures dotted around my mums house for nice memories too. 

A letter to Ben 

He's the best friend you could ever want. He was a cuddly boy who loved to see you and always greeted you wagging his tail. He's had his daft moments but most of all he was the kindest sweetest Airedale ever 💜
You will be missed and I love you loads Ben ❤️🐶

RIP Ben 

Thanks for reading ♥
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Yankee Candle Madagascan Orchid | Review

yankee candle madagascan review
Hi Lovelies
If you said to me "Melissa how many candles have you tried over the years?' I would answer... I haven't the foggiest idea! Did I need a new candle? the quick answer is hell no but I love trying different scents and having new scents quite regularly.  So here is my beautiful new addiction to ever growing candle collection and the scent is 'Madagascan Orchid' from my favourite candle brand ever Yankee Candle.

Over the years I have tried a few different brands but for some reason I tend to always come back to Yankee Candle because I just love the shape of the jars, the names of the scents and of course the actual scents themselves.

yankee candle madagascan review

This candle has a very exotic kinda smell with lots of different floral notes in it too. I have never tried a sweet and floral from Yankee Candle before so was pretty excited to give this a try.

The candle itself has a little sticker on the front saying its floral scented candle and I can 100% agree with that because once you open the lid of this it comes to life with the amount of flowers you can smell in it.

Lighting it was a breeze as with all yankee candles because the wick is massive therefore making that much easier to light. The burn time for the large candles is between 110-150 hours which I think is just the bees knees.

I have had this candle for coming up to a month now and I have used this most days now and one of the reasons I love this candle so much is the 'scent' as it is so warming and reminds me of the summer when all the flowers are in bloom and its warm enough in the garden to sit down and have a pimms or an ice cream.

Overall I am glad I have got 'Madagascan Orchid' as its scent is beautifully done and is not overpowering at all but its strong enough that you can actually smell it if you know what I mean. I cant say I will stop buying candles any time soon because I just love the whole routine I have with them which is have a shower, put my pyjamas on then light my candles and to complete it I watch some Netflix.

What is your favourite Yankee Candle?

Thanks for reading ♥
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Friday, 3 March 2017

March Primark Haul

Hi Lovelies
I am so happy it is *FINALLY* March and the reason Im so blooming excited its March is that spring time  is that extra bit closer and we all know what that means, longer days and warmer weather with a little bit of luck. I can honestly say I am getting a bit tired of the colder weather now and I am sure I'm not the only one right? Anyway seeing as the days are a little longer and a brighter I decided to have a little look in Primark to see what was in their Sping range. I went in only wanting to get some leggings and came out with a MASSIVE bag full of things, but thats so typical of me, that happens to me every time I go shopping in Primark or Lush. 

I did buy a few things but unfortunately I totally forgot to put my partners stuff in the photos or the youtube video *woops* but he just got himself some fitness gear because he got he recently got a job as a personal trainer *yay*.

march primark haul

  1. Grey Hoodie - Even though spring can be warm its still can have its cold days and mornings tend to be cool. Love how comfy it is and is a perfect for a casual outfit.
  2. Floral Lingerie set - Is it me or has Primarks lingerie improved so much? The designs are very nice and the prices are so very good too. I wish they were bigger sizes though as it was a little bit tough to find the larger sizes. 
  3. Bon Jovi T-shirt - I love wearing band t-shirts I have no idea why but I just think they look cool and are perfect for everyday wear. 
  4. Leggings -Like honestly can you ever have to many leggings? They are so comfortable and the stretch in them is just amazing. These have an elastic waist band on top with a nice design they also have a logo on the side that says Tokyo. 

primark beauty haul
I haven't really tried Primark beauty products before apart from the makeup brushes so I thought it was about time to try some more of the beauty products in the range to see how well they worked and I ended getting these.

  1. False Lashes - I have always wanted to wear false lashes more but finding ones that suit me and also ones that fit my budget was a bit of a problem, fingers crossed that these will work  the charm with me. 
  2. PS Pro blending brush - Now I have seen a lot of these brushes on youtube and they seems to be a big hype about them so thought why not give them a try?
  3. Lip Crayons - I have a fair few lipsticks but I think only one lip crayon so I decided to give this one a try, the shade looks very nice.

Everything else 
  1. Hair accessories and jewellery for my daughters - My daughters love to wear hair clips and the sparklier the better in their opinion. I also got them bows and also two matching bracelets. 
  2. Pokemon Ball Cushion - My son is a big fan of Pokemon and he got a surprise when I got him this, he loves it. I need to get him Pokemon a duvet for him next. 

Have you been to Primark lately?

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