Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Goodnight Ben

Writing this post wasn't easy and I did cry at some points writing this but I wanted to share the memory of our beloved dog Ben.

Growing up me and my sister always kept asking my mum "when are we getting a dog" she always replied the same answer to us both "when the time is right we will get one". Then one day I was looking in my local paper and in the pets section I seen puppies for sale and the puppies for sale were Airedale Terriers. I showed the paper to my mum and pretty much begged her to have a look at them and she finally said yes. It was with pure luck when my mum phoned the ad the pups were around the corner and we got to see them that very afternoon and thats were we fell in love and knew we wanted this partially pup, he had a sparkle to his eyes.

It was the end of October 2003 that we got our puppy and that was when I was 13 and sister was 9. We all decided the best name for him was Ben as we couldn't agree on anything else. He was an adorable puppy, he had lots of curly fur and lots of energy. Raising Ben was a journey with lots of hurdles such as house training him, he took a while to go outside and he actually had a poo on my favourite teddy that I had since I was a baby. Through all of that he was a ball of energy  that enjoyed playing, going for walks and being like a velociraptor till he got his adult teeth.
Memories we cherish 
  • Every time I came home from school and even when I grew up, Ben was always the first one to greet me when I came home or visited my mums house, he used to jump up to say hello and he also used to give me a paw and give hi5s.
  • Taking him on long walks he used to enjoy going through long grass and smelling different things with his beautiful button nose. He made lots of friends with lots of different dogs and the owners alike. 
  • My mum is the airedale lady, in the town that we live. Many people know my mum as the airedale lady because she took Ben pretty much wherever she went and he got many compliments because he was such a big teddy and loved getting attention. 
  • He wanted to go everywhere with my mum, honestly the friendship he had with my mum was so beautiful.  One example il give you is every time she went to college he wanted to go with her so I used to take him with me to go pick her up and honesty loved that.
  • He loved all of the family and he was like an uncle to my children. I cant explain but I am sure other dog owners will know what I mean.

Through the years
Ben was a very highly active dog who used to love going for walks once or twice a day and the longer the walk the better. We used to take him near the river or the countryside and he was in his element there because he ran everywhere and he made friends with other dogs and he loved to be stroked by other dog owners too and if they were a bit of luck he would get a treat.

Whenever he was thirsty he kicked his bowl over to the sink which made a big clatter to let people know he wanted a drink, whenever he needed a toilet he scratched the door and whenever he wanted a cuddle he put his head on your foot and looked at you with his big teddy bear eyes.

When we knew something was wrong
Ben was very healthy throughout his life but it was in November 2016 that I knew something wasn't right, he was lying on his back and I see lots of red blotches on his skin and I told my mum about them and she was a bit worried too so we took him to the vet the next day. The vet the next day said it was only a skin infection and gave him to medication. After a couple of weeks the medication wasn't working and not only that growths had started to grow on his tummy which looked very angry and sore and his mouth also started to smell.

We took him back to the vet and she looked at my mum with a very sad face and we knew then it was something more sinister than a skin infection. Ben was diagnosed with skin cancer and he was given a couple of months to live because of his age and how much it spread.

It was quite upsetting to be honest but we didn't want Ben to see us upset because he was smart and knows so much. He got more treats and he got his picture taken everyday.

Everyday with him was a blessing.

Ben was LOVED and is still Loved 💜

Saying Goodbye
Honestly Goodbyes are just truly awful and nothing really prepares you for it to be honest, Ben thought so hard everyday but on the 9th of December it just got too much for him and the vet was called out. Everyone gave him cuddles and talked to him and he passed with his family near him. It was a surreal moment and even now I am still upset by it at times because he has always been there and the thought of him not being there just seemed so cruel.

Gone but not forgotten 
Ben has been cremated and placed in a beautiful urn with dried flowers and a very nice wooden box. Getting him back was so much easier for everyone especially my mum. We have a few of his pictures dotted around my mums house for nice memories too. 

A letter to Ben 

He's the best friend you could ever want. He was a cuddly boy who loved to see you and always greeted you wagging his tail. He's had his daft moments but most of all he was the kindest sweetest Airedale ever 💜
You will be missed and I love you loads Ben ❤️🐶

RIP Ben 

Thanks for reading ♥
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  1. Kim Carberry8 March 2017 at 11:19

    Aww! He was a beautiful dog. I am so sorry.
    Sending love and hugs x

  2. Dogs bring so much happiness to our lives. Your post gives us a glimse into what made Ben so special and I'm sure he was a joy to the people who met him. Reading the end of this reminded me of when I had to say goodbye to my wonderful golden retriever Cindy. They are both gone but not forgotten.