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Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Kits | Review

makeup revolution retro luxe matte lip kits review
"Hands up if you love lipstick! I know I sure do" - I have lost count of how many I actually have but thats OK! The reasons being that it is ok is because I love to have a variety and another reason for me has to be that no two lipsticks are the same, they all have their uniqueness to them whether it be the shade or the finish of the actual lipstick. 

Makeup Revolution has been a favourite brand of mine pretty much since they started out almost 3 years ago. Ever since then the brand has grown considerably and the amount of products they have brought out during that time is MASSIVE. One of the things that Makeup Revolution are known for is very good quality dupes and affordable makeup. The lip kits just scream out similarities to the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit, which is great because this would be a great budget option. 

makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits swatches
I have been searching for these Makeup Revolution Matte Lip Kits for a few weeks since they were released and honestly they were sold out a few times before I could finally get my hands on them and when I did I treated myself to three of the lip kits - Glory, Noble and Regal. Inside the packaging they is a lip pencil and liquid lipstick.

In the range they have a choice of 8 different shades and they are a budget friendly price of just £6 each. Other shades in the range include: Reign, Grandee, Echelon, Royal and Magnificent.
makeup revolution retro luxe kits regal
This is a beautiful reddy orange shade that is very creamy when you apply it to the lips, once you apply it dries to a matte consistency. The lip liner is a similar orangey red and is as equally as creamy as the liquid lipstick. 

makeup revolution retro lip kits glory
This a gorgeous autumn/vampy reddy brown shade that I just love and I would have this has to be my favourite out of the three I bought. This one was creamy as the one above but was a little more drying once it complete dried. Unfortunately the lip liner broke but I managed to fix it and now its working just fine. 

makeup revolution retro luxe kits noble
If you like nude lipsticks then this one is a very nice choice as it is a pinky nude shade and looks very too. This applied the nicest of the three and dried beautifully too. The lip liner matched this perfectly and completed the look. 

makeup revolution lip kits on lips
makeup revolution retro luxe lip kits review
My Thoughts
I love the formula of these lip kits and I have to say they are very long lasting! They can easily last most of the day without the need for reapplication. Even though I do love these lipsticks they can be a bit of  a problem once you want to remove them, it takes a lot longer to get these off compared to other lipsticks I have tried and I have tried a few products to remove it - do any of you have any suggestions for stubborn makeup removal then that would be great.

For the price I would defiantly say they are a bargain seeing as they last such a long time and the also the shades in the range are just gorgeous too.

The Good
  • The price - £6 each
  • long lasting - about 4 hours
  • good variety - 8 shades to choose from
  • Unscented - that i can smell anyway

The not so good
  • Texture - can be a bit sticky
  • Not easy to remove

Have you tried these before? What is you're favourite matte lipstick?

Melissa xx
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