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Mums Skincare Advice

mums skincare advice
Hi Lovelies
With Mother's Day just around the corner I wanted to share with you all my LOVE of caring for my skin. I cant put into words how much I love skincare but I can tell you all that  my skincare routine has been taught  by my lovely mum and nana and its influenced the way I myself look after me and my skin.  For us over the generations the products might have changed a lot but the core principal hasn't as it is not just the skincare products that help its other factors too such as - Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle and also a sprinkle of Happiness too. 

Growing-up I soaked up so much knowledge from the women in my family including my mum, sister and my auntie. They taught me so many things and I am very thankful to have had the upbringing I had because I am sure it helped me become the person I am today. When I was young teen I remember staying at my nana's house on the weekends to keep her company after the tragic passing of grandad who passed away from a smoking related complications.

When I stayed at my nana's the mornings usually started at 6am and it started with a hearty english breakfast with a milky tea and after that she spent time on her skincare and makeup and I used to enjoy watching and she would always explain her routine. It usually started with her washing her face with dove soap and water then followed by her putting her favourite skin cream (not sure of the brand now) after that she would put on her favourite makeup such as her lipstick and foundation, to finish of the look she would curl her hair with her curling tongs and apply her favourite perfume YSL Rive Gauche. 
mums skincare
Mums Skincare Tips
My mum has told me for a long time that drinking plenty of water, lots of exercise and happy times are the key to keeping skin looking at its best and I 100% agree with her. After some tweaks here and their I have my own skincare routine and what works well for me.

From morning to evening routine
  1. When I wake up in the morning I like to use a cleanser and my favourite at the moment is my Origins by all green and its deep cleansing mask to help detox the skin, its perfect for dry skin so it works well for me. 
  2. I then sometimes use a facial serum and I have using been using lately is Elemis superfood facial oil which has plant-based superfoods such as broccoli, flaxseed and daikon radish which help soothe and hydrate the skin. 
  3. Moisturiser/Primer and which one I choose really depends on my mood or how my skin is feeling and I usually use a primer because it helps keep my foundation in place all day. If I don't wear makeup or little makeup I use a moisturiser. 
  4. Removing makeup is VERY important because if you sleep with makeup on it can clog pores.
  5. Usually I might have shower before I go to bed and after that I like to put a body moisturiser to keep my skin feeling soft and radiant. 
  6. Next to my bed I keep my favourite night skincare products so I can apply them before I go to sleep and I usually put on the serum again followed by a night cream or an overnight masque depending on how much love and attention my skin needs. 

Skincare tips from mum and nana
  • Good nights sleep 
  • Food ( my nana always on about this) 
  • Find products that work for you  - Like somethings that work for my mum don't work for me and the same goes for my mum too. I have found that trying different products has helped me find the ones I love. 
  • Face mask work wonders - Now I totally agree with this and it is a treat I like to use them usually twice a week and they are a brilliant way to relax. I have been using Ole Henriksen black and blackberry enzyme mask which helps nourish and hydrate skin seeing as its enriched with papaya enzyme, lavender extract and vitamin B5.

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I love skincare products and I am very happy to have to have tried these products above, I will be posting more about each product individually on my blog in the very near future. If you want to see about the products posted on my blog check out Debenhams Skincare Range.

mum skincare advice
I hope everyone has an amazing Mother's Day

What are your'e skincare favourites?

Melissa x 
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