Sunday, 30 April 2017

Noughty To The Rescue | Review

Hi Lovelies 
With hair products I like to get as natural as possible and with this Noughty shampoos and conditioners they are both 97% natural which is fabulous😍. I love the fact they are very honest about that and having the extra 3% being preservatives to help keep the product for longer since they are natural products. I bought these as my hair is very dry and these are for people with dry, frizzy and damaged hair. It is meant to give a moisture boost to the hair so I had my fingers firmly crossed that these two products would work their magic on my hair. 

Noughty have a range of different products with a very affordable price bracket with each product costing under £10 each and thats not the only great thing about the brand the other great things about the brand is they are cruelty free and vegetarian and vegan friendly. The products are also free from petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones. 
noughty to the rescue review
 The Shampoo
This one has sweet almond and sunflower seeds which are meant to help hair transform by smoothing spilt ends, snaps and also frizz too.
The shampoo is thick and clear and I needed about a teabags amount to cover my hair and my hair is just passed my shoulders now.
Enriched with the ingredients; Jojoba oil, Blue mallow flower, Rosemary leaf oil, Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Shea butter and Patchouli Oil.
The Conditioner 
The conditioner has two completely different main ingredients to the shampoo and they are shea butter and olive oil and they also help with the above too.
The conditioner is also very thick and feels very smooth too, I needed to a little more of the conditioner to cover my hair because my hair is quite damaged because I like to change my hair so much.
Enriched with these ingredients; Sunflower seed extract, Wheat amino acid, Sweet almond, Olive oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter.
naughty to the rescue review
My Thoughts 
In all honesty I just love these both for so many reasons and I will tell you them all because they are all equally important in my books. First up is the smell! they both smell lovely and you tell that they smell very natural too, the fragrances remind me of the time when I use to use Aveda shampoos and conditioners. 

I loved how the shampoo cleansed my scalp gently without making my scalp sore as many brand can make my scalp feeling soft. It has a quite an impressive lather too so you can see and feel which parts of the hair are covered. 

The conditioner felt lovely and very silky in my hands, I put it on my hair in sections from a inch from my roots all the way down to the tips of my hair.  As I said above I needed a bit more of this since my hair is very thick and a little bit damaged.

I have used them both for a few weeks now and I love them both and defiantly buy them again. The thing I wish they would do is make larger bottles so they would last a bit longer, apart from that they are both brilliant products and recommend them to anyone.

Noughty is available online and in-store at Superdrug stores.

Melissa x
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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Barry M Crush | Review

Hi Lovelies 
It has been such a long time since I last did a blog post about a nail paints, which is a bit not like me because I have so many nail paints in my collection and it would be great to show you them all ( hopefully in the near future when I get the chance). Todays #NOTD is a matte nail paint from Barry M and is a beautiful autumn burgundy shade.

 I don't usually wear matte nail paints because somehow quite a lot of them don't work out well for me even if I use the right top coat and base coat. I had my fingers crossed this one would be much better then the ones I tried before. 
barry m crush review
 Barry M is a cruelty free company that sell lots of different nail paints and makeup alike. They also have a clear labelling system of whats vegan and things that are have this label on them like this one. Crush is vegan friendly.

Crush comes in a 10ml bottle and costs £3.99 on the Barry M website but if you like to save money like me they are usually on offer in Superdrug on a  3 for 2 offer every now and again.

As much as I want to love this nail paint, I can't say it was completely brilliant because it was probably one of my least favourite nail paints I have tried from Barry M. I put on a matte base coat and waited for that to dry then applied a layer of crush on it and it was VERY streaky and quite thick to apply too. It didn't get much better once I applied another coat, it still looked very streaky but another coat didn't look like it would of fixed it so I decided to put a glossy top coat on top of it instead and that helped it a lot and it looked so much better.

I didn't like the matte effect because it looked a little too streaky for me ( might work for others) but it did look better after the glossy coat I applied on top of it. I have worn it for a few days now and it looks pretty good with no chips on them so far.
barry m crush matte review

Barry M products are available in Boots, Superdrug and also on the Barry M website which a link is below ( for more info on product)

What is your favourite nail paint? 

Melissa x 
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Friday, 21 April 2017

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil | Review

Hi Lovelies 
When it comes to skincare I remind myself of the women in the film 'Death becomes her' the film about 2 women who are rivals who both take a immortality treatment. I rival none one like the film but I do take a lot of care when it comes to my skincare and the more natural the skincare product the better. I have tried so many Dr Botanicals products such as their advanced overnight masque which is so dreamy on my skin, its thick and leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised every morning after I use it. 

This facial oil is cruelty free and also vegan certified and is made for  so many uses including; dry skin, fine lines and nourishing skin. It is also 100% natural and free from parabens and harmful preservative free. The oil has 3 active ingredients and they are blackcurrant seed oil which helps to nourish and strengthen the skin, wild plum which has some amazing skin properties to fight signs of ageing and also sea minerals which help improve vitality of skin cells. 
dr bonticals facial oil review
How to use it
With serums I like to put them on before I put my moisturisers on, sometimes I will put this on twice a day depending on how my skin feels. This serum is very thick but sinks into the skin quickly to give a nice radiant glow. 

Why use a serum?
Well it's totally up to you if you want to use one but for me its upped my skincare regime as it gives it that extra push with the extra nutiruents if you know what I mean. 

dr bonticals vegan
My Thoughts
Me and my mum actually tried this facial oil together followed by the advanced overnight masque, before applying these though I would recommend removing all makeup and cleansing your face as its best to use any skincare products on makeup free face.

My mum actually loved the combination of both of these products and its actually made her think more about skincare because she hasn't used skincare products for a long time because she doesn't like using unnatural ingredients products so these are just perfect for her.  She commented and said it made her skin feel more softer and more radiant.

The oil is thick and you only need between 3-4 drops to cover the entire face and neck, its best to wait a couple of minutes before applying a moisturiser so the serum has a chance to skin into the skin. It has a nice delicate scent which is quite refreshing especially combined with other Dr Bontaical products. 

If you want to treat yourself to this facial oil I have a MASSIVE discount for you guys and the code is FRUITYBLOG which reduces from £67.50 to only £19.99

Dr botanicals facial oil

Melissa x
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* item sent for review, all thoughts are 100% my own*

Monday, 17 April 2017

My Brothers Badge Collection #autismawareness

 Hi Lovlies 
I have decided to do a blog series called #autismdiaries and one of the biggest reasons I have decided to do this is to show you all my lovely brother who has autism. I grew up knowing my brother had a disability and with knowing I have always helped my mum and step dad look after him because it has been a challenge at times but mostly beneficial. To show more about my brother and autism, I will writing a few other posts in the near future about him growing up, my mum words raising him, depression and so many more topics. 

I will give you all a little more information on my brother, he is 33 and was born in 1983. He loves music, making lots of friends sharing his talent of knowing what day it was if you tell him the month, day and year - he is like rain man if anyone has seen that film. Paul is also a keen collector and when he was a child he liked collecting penguins, then when he got older he liked collecting cars and old records then 10 years ago he started collecting Badges and thats were this blog post comes in.

I know not everyone is keen on collecting things and thats fine and some will wonder why my brother wants to have so many badges and the only answer I can give you all he doesn't need a reason because they make him HAPPY.

Paul, when did you start collecting badges? 
22nd July 2005 which was a Friday

Why did you start collecting them?
I found them interesting and a new thing to collect as a hobby

Where do you get your badges from?
Various places such as second hand shops, people also give me them who know me and they could be from anywhere such as holiday pins.

How many badges do you have in your collection? 
At the moment I have 9779, I have counted all of them

Do you have a favourite badge? 
The canadian mountain police badges are my favourite at the moment

Do you have any badges on your wish list?
They are quite a lot on my wish list such as Disney, German bowling and different cancer charity badges.

Where do you put your badges?
I put them on boards which are on my walls and some are in badge books.

I hope you all enjoyed my post because my brother had so much fun answering these questions, when he is on my blog he feels like a celebrity and he is because he is an amazing person and has been in the media before too. I will be posting more about autism awareness on my blog in the future.

For more info on autism check out these helpful sites

Melissa x
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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

How to Relax and Sleep Better at Night

my nighttime regime
Hi Lovelies 
I have said a few times my skincare routine but I have never explained to you all my routine for most evenings and how I usually get a good nights sleep every night and the best ways to unwind and relax. I have had a few times in the past when sleeping can be not the easiest, I would just lie in bed counting sheep hoping I would sleep but it usually took an hour or 2. I have changed my routine a bit over the last few months and I think they have worked a treat for the nights I need to sleep by a certain time.

My tips for relaxing in the evenings

Put on pyjamas 
For me as soon as its 6pm I like to put my pyjamas on as they are very comfortable and its like a big relief when I put them on every evening. I love pyjamas so much that I have more pyjamas more than clothes ( I think I need to an Pyjamas of the day post rather than the usual outfit of the day LOL). I like to prepare my pyjamas every morning, so they are ready for the evenings.

Face Masques
GA FBVÛı◊I honestly love wearing face masques from time to time as they take a good 20 minutes of the skin to work and they are usually very cooling and relaxing for the skin. When its time to wash they off the skin can feel more smoother and also more radiant too.

Set a bedtime 
I know we all have alarms for the mornings but do you know they can be very helpful for also reminding us what time to go to bed so you can get the recommended amount of sleep. For me 7 hours is enough. If you have an iPhone you set a bedtime alarm on the Health app which is on the main page.

Read a book 
I always read in the evenings as during the day they can be super busy since I am full time mum and with other chores such as looking after the home and blogging whenever I get the chance. I am currently reading Jackie Collins Thrill which is a brilliant read, once I have finished it I will share a review on it on my blog. 

Avoid too much Caffeine 
I know this one sounds super obvious but I am very partial to a cup of sweet coffee or/and chocolate, as we all know caffeine can keep us awake at night which can be very annoying especially if we have a busy day ahead or need to be up early. 

Reduce Lighting before bed 
I used to have a very bright light in my bedroom and it honestly hurt my eyes especially when tired! I was kindly sent this beautiful table light by litecraft and honestly it has been sat on my bedside table for over a month now and it looks lovely. It's not too bright and is bright enough for me to read a book too. 

I know they will be a few of other things that will help too but these are the ones that personally stick out for me. if you want to more about similar lighting then I recommend looking at beside lamps on litecraft, they have so many amazing affordable lights too choose from.

Do you have any tips or advice for relaxing at night?

Melissa x
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*light sent for me review, opinions 100% my own*

Monday, 10 April 2017

Models Own Chrome Red | Review

models own chrome review
Hi Lovelies
I just love painting my nails and my all time favourite shade to paint my nails has to be red, for me its very bold and makes me feel so much more confident and its very much like red lipstick for me as it's so bright and reminds me so much of retro glamour. Do any of my fabulous readers/bloggers feel that way about red? Models Own are a brand I have heard about for a few years now and I remember first hearing about them when I first started blogging almost 3 years ago now. Fast forward to now I still use the brand and still buy from the brand now. 

I remember first seeing small amounts of Models Own nail polishes in River Island a fair few years back and now the shops are dotted around the country ( they are shaped like giant nail polish bottles) Not only do they sell nail polishes they also sell other products such as makeup, brushes and skincare. 
models own chrome red
models own chrome red review

Models Own Colour Chrome Collection
This collection is inspired by liquid metal so they all have that effect and in the collection they are 10 shades in this collection in a variety of different colours. They all have a shiny foil finish. Shades in the collection include chrome silver, chrome copper, chrome mauve, chrome cerise, chrome turquoise, chrome grey, chrome gold, chrome indigo and chrome rose.

It has a very easy to use brush and it gave the right amount every time for each nail without the need for re-dipping more than once for each nail. It looks quite nice with one coat but for more opaque look I would 100% recommend 2 coats for more intense look. The drying time is pretty good too and for each nail was under a minute so I would recommend having 15 minutes of time for your nails so you can have time for them to dry and of course the application.

packaging - 5/5 love the vibrant chrome red
application - 5/5 a breeze, saved me time 
texture - 4/5 make sure not too much on brush or 
it can be quite thick textured, 
pigmentation - 5/5 love it, defiantly like chrome red
 long lasting? - 4/5 lasted 3 days looking vibrant, before
scent - 3/5 like a standard nail product
price - 5/5 very fair price at £4.99

My thoughts 
I actually liked this quite a lot and it sure stands out when you wear it. I have wore this a few times since I purchased this a few months ago and I still love it. It has a decent lasting time before chipping but I am sure they must be a top coat out there that will help this nail polish show its full long lasting potential. I am very tempted to get more of these especially chrome mauve and turquoise.

Have you got any favourites from Models Own?

Melissa x
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Friday, 7 April 2017

Blogger Mail #1

blogger mail
Hi Lovelies
I honestly have been thinking about doing a blogger mail themed blog post for a long time now and I thought heck! No time like the present and here we are to todays post. I have been kindly sent these products to try from Royal Coffee Scrub and Skin Yoga, after which I will give my honest opinion of the products will be and you know what? I can't wait to try each and every one of them because each of these products are very new to me. 

I know these kind of posts aren't to everyones liking but you know I am excited to post them up because I want to show you all of the products I will be trying in the upcoming weeks and be sharing my honest and in-depth opinions of each of these products. Seeing as blogger mail can be rather random, these posts will be quite random too so expect to see more them in the near future *fingers crossed*

royal coffee scrub
Royal Coffee Scrub - Ylang Ylang RRP £9.95
I have seen so many bloggers posting about so many different coffee scrubs but I have never got round to posting about them myself so I am glad I can finally give them a try too see what they are like, I have some high hopes for this ( I just LOVE coffee)

Coffee Scrub has so many benefits apparently and they include being a more natural product compared to a lot of high street skin products. It also has caffeine which helps exfoliate the skin and smooth the skin. I will give a more in-depth post about this product once I try which shouldn't be too long because I am pretty excited to try this. 

blogger mail
Skin Yoga samples of face mask/scrub and coffee scrub 
I absolutely LOVE the packaging of the little face masques!! Its like a wooden box with straw inside with the products which are also in jars and look like potions you would find on Harry Potter LOL! I have never heard of this brand before but its always great to try new brands and this brand is all about natural so I am looking forward.

Do you enjoy getting blogger mail?
Melissa x
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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Models Own Dip Twist Go Pot | Review

models own dip twist go review
 Hi Lovelies 
It has been AGES since I actually last bought a nail polish and I am not sure why but something I have bought to do with nails is this Models Own Dip & Twist Pot which I found in my local Superdrug store in Silverburn, Glasgow for £4.99. I was actually looking for a new nail polish to try but I actually remembered I needed a nail polish remover first and thats why I decided to give this a try seeing I have never tried this before and I like  to try different varieties of new products. 

One of the things that sold it to me firstly was the fact it says on the packaging that it  removes glitter and if you like wearing glitter nail polish you will know how flipping awful it can be to remove sometimes, so getting this was something I hoping would make taking off glitter nail polish a breeze. 

models own dip twist go
First Impressions 
I love the bright pink it's so vibrant! It  has been a while since I tried a nail polish remover like this but I was very excited to give this a try because its from a very reputable brand Models Own. 

Benefits of Dip & Twist 
This is easy to use since all you need is contained in the tub and its also lightly fragranced with a strawberry scent and vitamin E. It also acetone-free and is enriched with argan oil to help nourish and most importantly cuticles too.

models own dip twist go
How does it work? 
I simply used it by putting my fingers inside the tub and twisting the tub around for a second and that worked wonders at removing matte and glossy nail polishes.

Will it remove glitter? 
It worked but took a bit longer than the glossy/matte nail polishes to come off, but the main thing it does come off with a little more effort.

Any cons? 
You can only use it on you finger nails, I know it may sound super obvious but I just realised that when I got  home and I needed more nail polish remover to take off the nail polish on my toes haha, what am I like???

Would I buy it again?
Maybe. I do like how quick it takes off nail polish and also the fact its travel friendly, I could easily take this with me when I go visiting my mum. Another great thing is about it is that it doesn't have such a strong smell like other nail varnish removers.

Models Own Dip Twist Go is available in store and online more info below

Melissa x
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Monday, 3 April 2017

Lush Lovestruck Bubble Bar | Review

lush lovestruck bubble bar review
Hi Lovlies
How adorable is this Lush Bubble bar from Lush? This bubble bar is called Lovestruck and is from my Valentine's Day Haul and I have only just got round to using this because I didn't want to use it because you know, its just too cute! I only used it because my partner said we should try this one before we buy anymore Lush products so yes that won.. MORE LUSH always wins for me haha.

Lovestuck is bubble bar and it cost me £4.25 which is a bit whoa for a bubble bar but it could possible be used more than once if you like to mix different bubble bars up for a lush bath. I decided to use this whole since I was sharing bath with my partner at the time. It is in the shape of an Emoji and the this is one with hearts for eyes, I tend to use this emoji for food or makeup ahah.
lush lovestruck bubble bar
First Impressions
What's not to love about this bubble bar? Lovestruck is beautifully bright with a lovely smiley and bright heart shaped eyes. If you like using emojis than this is perfect for you because it looks so cheeky to me. Its also a decent size for using more than once and also as I said above for mixing different bath products, I have still to do that but I need to in the future.

For me the first scent I could smell was citrus and I wasn't sure of the rest until I looked on the Lush website for confirmation, so Il write them down here. Sicilian Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil and Petitgrain Oil.
lush lovestruck bubble bar in bath
Cruelty free & Vegan 
Sodium Bicarbonate, Cream of Tartar, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Lauryl Betaine, Perfume, Conflour , Sicilian Lemon Oil, Geranium Oil, Petitgrain Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Limonene, Linalool, Citral, Cintronellol, Farnesol, Colour 14700, Colour 45410, Colour 17200 and Colour 47005.

 My Thoughts
I just LOVE bubble bars because I enjoy crumbling them under warm running water, you see all the lovely colours and bubbles are much more intense this way. As soon as I put Lovestruck under the tap and crumbled it delicately in my hands it felt soft and easy to squash, as soon as it hit the water the bubbles actually came before the yellow. They smiley mouth and heart shaped eyes were the first too go and the combination of them both made the whole bath orange to start with. Once the whole bubble bar melted it turned my bath bright yellow exactly like an EMOJI LOL.

This was a lovely bubble bar and the fragrance was pleasant enough, me and my partner stayed in the bath for ages because the smell was lovely citrusy scent. We talked for ages about so many things and I think this was a factor for us. It was also moisturising and felt soft on the skin.

For more on Lush Lovestruck bubble Bar click below

Have you got anything in Lush lately?

Melissa x
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Saturday, 1 April 2017

Bolsius Aromatic | First Impressions

Bolsius Aromatic
 Hi Lovelies 
I was kindly sent these lovely wax melts and wax burner from Bolsius Aromatic! I am a big Yankee Candle fan and I do have many candles and wax melts because I just love having a variety of different fragrances around my home, especially after a long day in the evenings because for me they help me relax and settle down for the evening, is they any other bloggers/readers out there who loves writing with their favourite fragrance lit in the background? I know I do!

Bolsisus Aromatic is a very new brand to me and I am sure it will be for some of you too so I will give you some facts and info about the company because we all like to know what we are buying don't we? The wax melts come 8 different fragrances ( I got mango and cranberry) and they have a burn time of up too 25 hours per wax melt which is quite impressive. The company is family owned since 1870 and has over 1000 employees. These candles come is many varieties and are shipped to 50 countries over the world.

Bolsius aromatic first impressions
Bolsius Wax Melts Fragrances available 
(Fresh Linen, Magnolia, Wild Cranberry, Baked Apple, Vanilla, French Lavender and Sugar and Spice. )

First Impressions
I like the shape of the wax melts they are very different to other wax melts that I have used before. The wax melts can be broken and mixed with other fragrances to make your own unique fragrances just like a cocktail. The wax burner is a bits smaller than my yankee candle wax burner but I love its oval shape and its still a very nice design. 

Wax Melts 
This is my favourite of the two fragrances because it reminds me of one of my favourite drinks Rubicon, have any of you tried it?  It has a very nice tropical scent and is very sweeting smelling too.I put one wax melt into the wax burner and it melted much quicker than my yankee candle wax melt, with the faster burning time that also meant you could smell the fragrance much faster. 

Wild Cranberry
This had a very nice fragrance too, I cant say its 100% like cranberry ( well at least the ones I have tried) It smells very fruity and quite pleasant, but not my favourite unfortunately. 

My Thoughts
These are a very nice change to Yankee Candle with very nice fragrances too. They are affordable too with a price I found on Amazon at £4.99 a packet. Finding where they sell them isn't easy but I would defiantly say they are worth it if you love candles like me, I will post a link below of where to buy some of these. 

I have a link below of wax melts on Amazon, they are also available on other independent candle websites.
Here x
More info on Bolsius
Here x

What are your favourite wax melts? 

Melissa x
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*Product sent for review, 100% my honest opinion*