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Handmade Burger Co | Glasgow

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I have been a bit quiet with my blog lately because I have been rather busy myself because it was the Easter holidays here in Glasgow, Scotland. The first week of the Easter holidays we went to visit my mum in Cumbria and it was great, the kids got an easter egg each and lots of other presents off my mum and family, we all enjoyed our weeks visit. The second week we went to lots of different places and had fun making easter crafts at home too, they made easter baskets and some cards too. 

Myself and my partner haven't had a date night in ages so we decided it would be a nice idea to have a little date night going out for dinner and also to watch a movie. We decided to go to Handmade Burger Co because it was near the cinema and the movie we decided to go and see was a film I have been wanting to see for a while 'Beauty and the Beast'.
handmade burger co vegan options
Silverburn shopping centre, Glasgow

The Restaurant 
I love the design of the restaurant, it's nicely lighted and also very colourful too with what looks like shipping containers design. They are lots of tables and also booths which are more comfortable and great if you are with a group of friends or going out with your partner.

I went on a Friday evening expecting it to very busy but luckily it wasn't too busy at all, we only waited a few moments to be seated. Once we sat on our table we were handed our menus and also told that you don't go up to order food now, it was order at the table.

The Food
They are over 40 burgers to choose from here and that includes 5 vegan burgers and 2 vegetarian options as well. The menu is very clear to read so you know whats vegan and also whats in your burger. I got myself a sweet potato and bean burger and I asked for avocado to be included I also got some sweet potato fries

The sweet potato and bean burger was very nice and I loved the crunchy breadcrumbs on the burger itself, The toppings on the burger were mango and ginger salsa, lettuce, tomato and red onion with of course my extra of avocado. I have never had mango in a burger before but the mango salsa complimented the taste of the actual sweet potato bean burger perfectly. So far this is my favourite burger from them so far.

I wanted to try the dairy free milkshake but unfortunately it was completely sold out "boo" I will have to wait till next time to try it. I messaged Handmade burger co about adding a vegan cheese to their burgers and they said they are looking into to it, so fingers crossed it will be sooner rather than later. 

handmade burger co review glasgow
Vegan Options include 
5 Vegan Burgers - Cajun Vegetable & Bean, Veg Mex, Sweet Potato & Bean, Thai Vegetable and Vegetable & Bean.
Sides - Sweet potato fries, Fresh cut chips, Seasoned chips with choice of either peri peri, rosemary salt or cajun. or Mixed Leaf side salad

Milkshake - Made with soy and only one flavour which is vanilla.

My overall thoughts 
I loved my food and it was very filling, I managed to finish all of the fries but couldn't eat all the burger so I got it to takeaway which the waitress was very happy to do. I would defiantly go here again seeing as it has a  very good menu to choose from and you can defiantly tell the ingriedients  are fresh which is very refreshing. The staff were very friendly and were very helpful while we were at the restaurant.

For more info on the menu and handmade burger co click links below
Here for menu details

Have you been to Handmade Burger Co before? 

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