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Models Own Dip Twist Go Pot | Review

models own dip twist go review
 Hi Lovelies 
It has been AGES since I actually last bought a nail polish and I am not sure why but something I have bought to do with nails is this Models Own Dip & Twist Pot which I found in my local Superdrug store in Silverburn, Glasgow for £4.99. I was actually looking for a new nail polish to try but I actually remembered I needed a nail polish remover first and thats why I decided to give this a try seeing I have never tried this before and I like  to try different varieties of new products. 

One of the things that sold it to me firstly was the fact it says on the packaging that it  removes glitter and if you like wearing glitter nail polish you will know how flipping awful it can be to remove sometimes, so getting this was something I hoping would make taking off glitter nail polish a breeze. 

models own dip twist go
First Impressions 
I love the bright pink it's so vibrant! It  has been a while since I tried a nail polish remover like this but I was very excited to give this a try because its from a very reputable brand Models Own. 

Benefits of Dip & Twist 
This is easy to use since all you need is contained in the tub and its also lightly fragranced with a strawberry scent and vitamin E. It also acetone-free and is enriched with argan oil to help nourish and most importantly cuticles too.

models own dip twist go
How does it work? 
I simply used it by putting my fingers inside the tub and twisting the tub around for a second and that worked wonders at removing matte and glossy nail polishes.

Will it remove glitter? 
It worked but took a bit longer than the glossy/matte nail polishes to come off, but the main thing it does come off with a little more effort.

Any cons? 
You can only use it on you finger nails, I know it may sound super obvious but I just realised that when I got  home and I needed more nail polish remover to take off the nail polish on my toes haha, what am I like???

Would I buy it again?
Maybe. I do like how quick it takes off nail polish and also the fact its travel friendly, I could easily take this with me when I go visiting my mum. Another great thing is about it is that it doesn't have such a strong smell like other nail varnish removers.

Models Own Dip Twist Go is available in store and online more info below

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