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My Brothers Badge Collection #autismawareness

 Hi Lovlies 
I have decided to do a blog series called #autismdiaries and one of the biggest reasons I have decided to do this is to show you all my lovely brother who has autism. I grew up knowing my brother had a disability and with knowing I have always helped my mum and step dad look after him because it has been a challenge at times but mostly beneficial. To show more about my brother and autism, I will writing a few other posts in the near future about him growing up, my mum words raising him, depression and so many more topics. 

I will give you all a little more information on my brother, he is 33 and was born in 1983. He loves music, making lots of friends sharing his talent of knowing what day it was if you tell him the month, day and year - he is like rain man if anyone has seen that film. Paul is also a keen collector and when he was a child he liked collecting penguins, then when he got older he liked collecting cars and old records then 10 years ago he started collecting Badges and thats were this blog post comes in.

I know not everyone is keen on collecting things and thats fine and some will wonder why my brother wants to have so many badges and the only answer I can give you all he doesn't need a reason because they make him HAPPY.

Paul, when did you start collecting badges? 
22nd July 2005 which was a Friday

Why did you start collecting them?
I found them interesting and a new thing to collect as a hobby

Where do you get your badges from?
Various places such as second hand shops, people also give me them who know me and they could be from anywhere such as holiday pins.

How many badges do you have in your collection? 
At the moment I have 9779, I have counted all of them

Do you have a favourite badge? 
The canadian mountain police badges are my favourite at the moment

Do you have any badges on your wish list?
They are quite a lot on my wish list such as Disney, German bowling and different cancer charity badges.

Where do you put your badges?
I put them on boards which are on my walls and some are in badge books.

I hope you all enjoyed my post because my brother had so much fun answering these questions, when he is on my blog he feels like a celebrity and he is because he is an amazing person and has been in the media before too. I will be posting more about autism awareness on my blog in the future.

For more info on autism check out these helpful sites

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