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Dr Botanicals Cocoa Noir Facial Serum | Review

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My blog schedule still isn't where I want it to be but it's improving slowly, I have had yet another busy week and wow have I got stuff to tell you all! My bathroom ceiling clasped because my upstairs neighbour left the tap on, so yes my bathroom is a mess, so I am in the middle of sorting that out. It is also the start of Ramadan, so blog posts might be a little bit less depending on how I feel during this month but fingers crossed it will be 2-3 blog posts a week at least. 

My returning visitors will know how much I love Dr Botanicals because I have posted so much stuff about their products. Their products are natural and have been divine and heavenly treat for my skin, I use their products everyday in my skincare regime. If you want to know more about the products from Dr Botanicals I have written before click "product directory" for more info on them.
dr botanicals facial serum review
The packaging is very simple like the rest of the Dr Botanicals range and the bottle is almost exactly the same as the facial oil and the super food facial oil I have tried before and it can be easy to mix them up by accident so its best to double check beforehand. The bottle is very well made and the facial serum drop is very well made too and doesn't give you too much product and it also doesn't leak which a lot of serums have done before which is a bit of a pain.

Main Ingriedents   
Geranium Flower Oil  
Geranium flower oil has many benefits and it a skincare treat to say the least, the essential oil works well at evening skin tone and complexion. It is also very good at firming the skin too, so its perfect for minimising wrinkles naturally. 
Seabuckthorn Fruit Oil 
Is to improve the health of skin because it helps to keep our skin hydrated. It can also be used to reduce dry skin, which is perfect for me because I have combination skin; which basically means my skin can be greasy but with dry patches. 
Neroli Oil 
Neroli Oil is an ingredient I know very well because so many lush bath products have this in for their scents such as "Monsters Ball Bath Bomb".  Not only does neroli smell amazing it has beneficial skin benefits too which improving skins health and reducing blemishes. 
dr botanicals cocoa noir facial serum review
How to use 
For me personally I like to use this in the morning just I put my moisturiser on, so what I do is firstly wash my face (helps me wake up too) then I gently towel dry my face and once my face is dry I put  about 3 or 4 drops on my fingertips I put the serum gently on my cheeks, forehead then my chin.

It takes a few minutes for the serum to complete dry and put a moisturiser on but  its worth waiting because that way your skin can get the whole benefit of the serum.

My Thoughts 
This is a very nice product and I love to use it every morning and with the warmer weather being here I like to make sure my skin is hydrated because I don't want to get dry skin. Its 30ml bottle and you only need a few drops, so it is a product that can be very long lasting for the money.

Discount code 👀
I have a code for this serum lovelies which reduces it from RRP £91.00 way down to the bargain price of just £19.99.


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