Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Lush Summer Haul

Hi Lovelies 
It has been sooooooo long since I went to Lush and the main reason being is I have tried most products ( well over 50 products) If you want to see what Lush products I have tried over the years I have put them all in my product directory. I am hoping to actually try the Kitchen Exclusives which are only available online and in Londons Oxford Street, I am going to order them soon hopefully when I get a chance to see what I want to buy but you know I really wish they would put them around the country rather than just one Lush shop and it's not like I can go to London that easily because I am a busy mum of  3 and I live in Glasgow and London is over 400 miles aways. They are so many kitchen exclusive products I want to try BUT I really like seeing things before I buy them if you know what I mean. 
lush summer haul
 What I bought
Modfather Bubble Bar ( RRP £3.95) vegan
This bubble bar is in the fathers day collection and is shaped like a bullseye with the bright colours of blue, red and white. It has a very nice smell which is very citrusy ( Brazilian orange oil) I can't wait to try this and the main reason I bought it is because it smells lovely and you can't go wrong with a lush bath they are heavenly.

Mint Juleps Lip Scrub ( RRP £5.75) vegan 
I bought this because I just loved the bubblegum lip scrub which I bought last year and that has nearly finished now so I needed a replacement. I wasn't so keen on the kiss lip scrub as the sea salt made it quite bitter so I wanted something to replace that. I had a smell of all of the lip scrubs and this one won because it has a very fresh minty smell which reminds me of after eight mints.

Kerbside Violet Solid Perfume (RRP £10.00) vegan 
I finally have this! YAY! This perfume has been on my wish list for a long time and now I finally have it. Not only is this a new perfume for me it's actually the first time I have tried a solid perfume, I have only tried spray and oil perfumes before so this will be a first for me.
lush mini haul

I am looking forward to trying all of these products and I will be writing a full review on each one of them in the very  near future so keep an eye for those posts.

Have you been to Lush lately?

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