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The Slabb Fully Loaded Chocolate | Review

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Blogging for me this month hasn't really had a set schedule because it has been Ramadan for a month and yesterday was Eid, so as you can imagine it was a pretty busy month for us but saying that I did manage to post way more than I was expecting so that was a bonus. I had way more PR companies contact me in the last couple of months which has made me super happy and it is showing me how much hard work is finally showing for me. 

I was kindly sent 2 chocolate bars off The Slabb which makes fully loaded chocolate and also alcoholic chocolate bars, yes you read correctly alcohol chocolate. They make a variety of different flavours and have so many delicious toppings with high quality chocolate. They look just fabulous so without further delay lets get on about more about these chocolate bars.  

the slabb fully loaded chocolate review
The Unicorn One
This looks amazing and I can't describe how excited I was when I received this in the post! They is a big thing about unicorns at the moment so it makes perfect sense to make a unicorn themed bar and it totally does remind me of unicorns with all of the pink decorations and all of the marshmallows and sparkles too. I haven't seen a chocolate bar like this and totally think this is the perfect present for anyone who loves chocolate or loves unicorns or both.

The taste is very rich as you would expect of chocolate bar with many tops but it did taste lovely with all the different types of flavours on this; first you could taste the white chocolate then the pink chocolate which had a nice sweet taste to it, followed by the different textures of the sprinkles and the marshmallows! This is truly a heavenly bar!!

The Baileys One 
It has been many years since I last had a baileys and from what I remember of it was very nice! It is kinda milky with a creamy hot chocolate taste and it was pleasant for a treat. This bar is topped with the finest milk chocolate and has Irish cream liquor and marshmallows

I don't really drink alcohol that much but I am sure my brother would enjoy this as a treat. The designs of both of these are exquisite and can't deny they is great workmanship in each bar.

the slabb fully loaded chocolate
The Slabb has a rather big section of chocolate to choose from and they are 4 milk chocolate bars, 4 white chocolate and 3 dark chocolate ones to choose from. They don't sell them on their website as yet but they do have Kickstarter page in which you can donate them money to fund their business and they in return can give you chocolate at certain money pledges given, the reason they need the Kickstarter is for them to boost their business by buying certain item which can be found on the link. I wish The Slabb the very best for the future

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