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Elegant Touch Nails | First Impressions

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I am sure some of you all know that I recently went to two wedding parties on the weekend and omg they were amazing! I will go into details about them both on my blog in the next week or 2 but for now I will be telling you all about my nails that I wore for those 2 very special days of Bisma's and Atif's wedding. I don't usually wear fake nails because sometimes they can be a nightmare to take off and some can be so expensive. 

I decided I wanted to do my nails myself for the events and I ended up choosing Elegant Touch French kiss nails which are a very on trend nail which and almond shape nail with a nude shade and metallic tip. I thought they would go perfectly with my outfits for the day and work with the henna I was getting too. 
elegant touch nails french kiss
  1. Make sure nails are clean and have no polish on them, if you do remove with nail polish remover.
  2. Once you have done the above buff your nails as it makes it much easier to apply the nails. This set includes a nail buffer which is very handy.
  3. Choose correct size for each nail before applying, the box has 24 nails inside so they is a variety of different sizes. 
  4. Once you have choose the correct sizes apply glue to nail then push the nail from the cuticle upwards to get an even finish and press down for a few moments. 
  5. Repeat process for each nail until you have finished and voila they look perfect.

I would recommend giving yourself 20 minutes to do this and I wouldn't rush through it either just so you can get them as perfect as possible.

elegant touch french kiss nails

Removing them was a little upsetting because I didn't want to take them off but with that being said they were very easy to remove unlike conventional nails that you would get at a nail bar, they need to be taken off professional. These can be taken off in the comfort of your own home in very little time.

All you need to do is buff the nail and  remove with cotton wool and foil, one they are removed the residue is easily wiped off with a wipe or simply washing hands.
elegant touch nails review
My Thoughts
I loved these nails, they have an amazing shape and look amazing too. I applied these last Wednesday and it took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to put on these nails. When I first applied them I thought they were a little longer than what I would usually go for but I got used to them in no time at all and believe it or not they actually felt like my real nails rather than something stuck on. I wore these on the night I got my henna at my partners aunties house were lots of family and friends were and I got so many compliments from so many people and they were surprised when I told them all I did them myself and the price of them too. 

During the Menhdi party and the reception they felt great too and didn't restrict any of my actives such as eating or drinking. On those days I got more compliments and on that note I have changed my mind completely on wearing fake nails, I am looking forward to trying more out in the future because of how simple to use these were. 

I lost one nail during one party and I had no idea were it went but I didn't feel it come off, I just looked at my hand and it wasn't their. I wasn't disappointed because its pretty simple to reapply them again especially when they are so many nails in the packet. 

For more info, check out their website

Have you tried press on nails before?

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