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Keeping Lips Hydrated During Summer

Hi Flamingos, how are you all?
Summer is one of those times that I love but I also am not keen at the same time for a few reasons, lets start with the positive... the summer clothes! because I just love how vibrant they are and not just the fact you don't need a big coat ( unless it rains which can happen a lot in the uk no matter the season). 

Before being a blogger my lips during the summer months would become very dry and quite sore as they would flake when they become dry and it was painful, believe me! I didn't actually improve the situation because I used to peal the flaky skin, "Ouch!". Since 2014 I have tried numerous different lip products to combat my dry lips and you know something? I think its darn well worked which is a miracle considering how dry/sore they were before. I have made a wee list of products I have used over the months/years and they have kept my lips feeling smooth and made an amazing base for lipsticks/gloss too.

keeping lips hydrated during summer
Crazy Rumours -  Black Cherry ( RRP £3.97)
Don't we all love a freebie? I sure do and I got this in a magazine a few months back, not sure which one now but hey free lip balm LOL. This is a 15oz tube and is 100% natural and vegan too, the ingredients for this sound very nice and simple with organic ingredients such as olive oil, macadamia seed oil and shea butter. They come in a variety of different scents such as bubble gum, natural and star anise. I like to carry this in my bag as it is a very handy travel size.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub ( RRP £5.75)
This has to be one of my favourite products from lush and I am so glad I started to buy lip scrubs! This is a great way to prep your lips by buffing them before applying your lipstick. The reason this works so well is because it scrubs away dead skin and infuses moisture into the lips. I recommend this to anyone who wants to keep their lipsticks lasting longer or to stop lips drying out with matte lipsticks. I also like using this on its own even without the makeup as its very moisturising for lips. This lip scrub tastes yummy like candy floss which makes it so much easier to use, there are also 3 other lip scrubs to choose from which are; mint julips, popcorn and honey.

keeping lips hydrated during summer

This is my go to product all year round since it is a heavy duty product that protects from the elements rain or shine! This lip balm is great for ultra dry lips when lips are very dry and need some TLC to help get them back hydrated and moisturised once again. The balm is infused with hemp seed oil which is rich with essential fatty acids and has a very nice delicate scent too. This is fab for wearing on its own as it gives quite a nice glossy sheen. 

This has to be one of my favourite products from 2017 so far! This is a fabulous multitasking product as it not only works for lips but you can use it on dry skin and hair too. This balm is very thick but its natural and has no scent to it which is a nice change and perfect if you don't like fragrances and prefer a more natural product. I use this product in the morning after applying the lush lip scrub, this helps keep my lips hydrated and smooth.

I love all of these products and I am glad that using a variety of different lip products as they have helped reduce how much my lips are dry and also making my lips look smooth which makes apply matte lipsticks much better and more long lasting too. 

Which are your favourite lip products during summer? 

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