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Summer Skincare Saviours

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For me summer is one of my favourite times of the year because I love the fashion, the longer days ice cream and all of the summer things well all love and enjoy ( as long as its not too hot because you know its either too hot or too cold ahah). Even though I love soaking in the sunshine my skincare is also very important to me and more now that ever because the sun is brighter and warmer in the summer. We all need to use a suncream to prevent sunburn and burns or worse, its very important to get a suncream in the right SPF to guard and protect our skin.

Apart from the obvious suncream I like to add more love and attention to my skin because I notice if I don't pay enough attention to my skin it can get really dry especially my face, hands and my feet so keeping them moisturised is a big priority for me. As you may notice they are 5 products below but I will be writing more than just these 5. 

summer skincare saviours
The Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser
Honestly I can't praise this product enough, it has a very refreshing scent and makes me more alert and awake in the mornings. This is a foam and is applied to the skin just as you would a moisturiser and washed off with just plain warm water. I use this most mornings as does my partner as it helps reduce my blemishes and also helps keep pores clear too. I think this is a bargain as I have just under half and I have used this for nearly 6 months now and it cost a very respectable £6. 

oOlution Eye Love
This is one of the reasons I absolutely love getting mostly subscription boxes because otherwise I would never of been able to find this fabulous product. This eye cream is amazing at keeping my under eyes moisturised, reducing dark circles and puffiness. I personally have dark circles and this has helped reduce that and also its been a good base for applying concealer. I got this in my march glossy box and once it has gone I will be repurchasing.

Dr Botanicals Facial Oil
If you asked me about facial oils and serums a few years ago I would of shrugged my shoulders and not had a clue about them but now I have so many of them and they are part of my everyday routine as well as my summer routine. This facial oil feels super luxurious and soft on my skin and only takes 4 drops for my face and neck. It feels very oily for about 5 minutes but once it sinks into the skin after that time my skin feels so much more softer. I also like to use this as a base before applying makeup.
summer skincare saviours

Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner 
Any conditioner from lush would do but this is my all time favourite for summer! I know this is a Christmas product but I feel like this more of summer scented product with the 4 key ingredients/scents of cherry fusion, mango butter, cocoa butter and avocado which for me are very summery but you know everyone has a different opinion on that. I usually put this on after having a shower as it keeps my skin feeling soft with a little bit of a sparkle, it kinda makes me feel like a unicorn haha.

Nip and Fab Kale Fix Moisturiser 
I hit the jackpot when I won this and some other products from a competition I won last year! This is very lightweight and has a lovely fresh scent. It contains superfoods of kale,  watercress and almond oil and benefits the skin by soothing and moisturising with aloe vera and shea butter. Not only is it a lovely treat for the skin its also none greasy too, I usually have combination skin and that helps to keep my skin moisturised and a more even base. This costs a fair price of £19.95 which I think is a good price as mine has only just ran out and I've used mine for well over 7 months, so lasting product.

What are your favourite skincare products at the moment?

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