Sunday, 6 August 2017

August Primark Haul

Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well? 
Summer has been a bit rubbish this year in the UK hasn't it? I thought it would have been nicer weather this year but nope.. Lots of rain and wind as usual haha. I haven't bought much summer clothes at all this year, I just bought things that I am going to wear all year round and also school uniforms and stuff like that for the kids, because they are going back to school in just over a week. I can't believe how fast the summer holidays have gone!

Primark has been one of my favourite places to go for clothes, shoes and home decor for a fair number of years now ( now that I think about it maybe 10 years) and I would have to say most of my wardrobe is Primark clothes and I am happy with that. 
august primark haul
What I bought 
2 T-shirt Bras £10 - I haven't bought a good bra in ages so I thought it was about time that I got some new ones. I got these two simple bras that are in the DD range and the selection of bras may not be big but they are a good price and I hope they work wonders on my chest because most of my bras don't fit so well at all. 

Flamingo LED Lights £6 - I just had to have these! They are going to look amazing on my dressing table and also in the background in future blog posts! I am so glad I spotted them and can't wait to give them a whirl in future blog posts and youtube videos.

Def Leppard Nighty £7 - I just love all of the classic rock bands; the graphics that they all had were just epic not forgetting how brilliant the music is though. I think the pink compliments the design of this nighty, can't wait to try it on.

august primark haul
Bubble Bee Shoes £8 - The absolute bargain of the century has to be these shoes! As soon as I seen these in the shop I knew fine well I needed them and put them straight in my basket. They look to a few designers at the moment so I couldn't resist getting these. My name means honey bee so these will match me perfectly.

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What have you bought in Primark lately?

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