Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Capturing Memories Travelling

I have always loved travelling even since I was a little girl, my best memories are from travelling with my family especially my late grandad John, who I miss dearly! The best holiday I can remember was from my childhood and it was when I went to Blackpool with my parents, siblings and my grandparents. When we were there we went to the pleasure beach, I have very firm memories of going on the ride and my nana taking my photo at every opportunity she had. Going to Blackpool happened nearly every year until I was a teenager and I  can say I never got tired of it because it was a time when all of my family was together and not working, just together as a family having fun. 

While in Blackpool we always went to the pleasure beach and I went on all the rides and me being sneaky always trying my luck to see if I was tall enough to go on the pepsi max, which is a massive rollercoaster and I wasn't tall enough until I was  about15 haha. I always ended up going on the carousel so many times because it was mine and my sisters favourite ride at the time. My nana would always make sure we had a laugh and even if we are not on holiday, she knows how to put a smile your face. 

My nana ( she likes to be called nana because she said she's young at heart and the name grandma makes her feel old bless her) has so many treasured photos of our holiday memories and honestly it brings tears to my eyes because it brings so many happy memories back. I really want to frame and put some of those photos in a photo albums because it would be nice for them to be seen more often and almost relive those moments.
I thought it would be good to mention that Destinaton2 said that 29% of people admit to leaving snaps on their computer and the same amount of people admit not doing anything with them, which I find is a big shame because with a mobile or laptop I feel they can be forgotten about more easily then the would've if were in an album with the holiday snaps inside. I am not saying that photos need to be seen all the time but it feels so much better for me personally holding a book of memories rather than the usual electronic device.

Next time I go on holiday whether it be from a destination thats on destination2 or elsewhere, I will always remember to make a photo memory of it, whether it be a framed photo or a whole album. I will always treasure my past photos and hopefully it will be the same for the future holidays too.

What has your favourite holiday been?

Melissa x
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