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My Autumn Fragrance | Wish List

This year is going pretty fast at the moment isn't it? We are 8 months into 2017 and we are only 4 months away from 2018! The time really needs to slow down especially with the fact I recently turned 27 and I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I know we have a little bit more of the summer to go but once the summer holidays end I always look forward to the autumn and winter and the things I love about the seasons to come are the snuggly clothes, hot chocolate and the shorter days! I really am not a fan of longer days apart from the fact I have more time to take blog photos haha.

As much as I love perfumes I don't have that many in my collection but I do have a few perfumes in mind which I would love to have and wear this autumn, a girl can dream can't she?
my autumn fragrance wish list
Clive Christian Cosmos Flower Feminine Edition // £350 
I know the price is quite expensive but wow the bottle on this is just divine! It has to be the one of the best bottle designs I have seen to date and the fragrance sounds so beautiful too. The fragrance is cosmos flower, bittersweet cocoa, sensual jasmine and sweet plum. All of these factors tell me this maybe an expensive product but the ingredients in Clive christians perfumes are rare and the bottles look like something you would want to keep forever, I can see why that these have been described as one of the  best perfumes for women

Lush Devil's Nightcap // £44 
I have tried a couple of different fragrances from Lush and they haven't let me down yet! They have a beautiful selection of fragrances to choose from and this one is described as 'Dark Glamour' on the lush website. This is from the set in stone collection and with a scent described as a walk through an ancient countryside with sea air in your lungs which sounds delightful. The 3 key notes in this are oakmoss absolute, oakwood absolute and orange flower absolute.

Paco Rabanne Black XS // From £28.95 
I used to have this perfume 5 years ago and I just loved the fragrance which is very fresh and fruity! I must warn you all though, this is a very strong perfume so only a little bit is required to last all day and smell lovely. This perfume is a mix of cranberry, pink pepper, violet, vanilla and so many other lovely sweet and bold scents!

Kat Von D 'Sinner'  eau de parfum // from £18 
I have been a big fan of Kat Von D for years now and when her makeup line came out I was super duper excited to give her products a try and I haven't been disappointed by any of her products yet. Her perfume range has recently been released in 'sinner' and 'Saint' and I just love the look of both but would love to try sinner first. Sinner is described as spicy and has key ingredients of patchouli, wood and cinnamon.

Joan Collins I Am Woman eau de parfum // from £12 
I have been a fan of Joan since I watched Dynasty a few years back now, I love her style and I admire her a lot for all the charity work she has done. I won a makeup compact from Joan Collins Beauty a few months back and I was vey impressed with the quality of the makeup and the compact so it is only fitting for me to want to try her perfume. This perfume is described as an oriental and has a mixture of key ingredients from floral to zesty such as orange zest, jasmine and cedar wood.

What fragrances are on your wish list?

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