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Aldi Candle's - Are they a Jo Malone Dupe?

jo malone dupe aldi
 Hi Darlings!

If you ever visited my flat you would notice how many candles I have, I actually have run out of space on my fire place and window because of them ahah! Anyway's I am sure we have all heard about Aldi Candles and how they are meant to be a Jo Malone dupe and me being me I was one of those people who jumped on the bandwagon to see what all of the fuss was about. I went to my local Aldi as soon as possible and tried to get all 3 scents but unfortunately they only had number 2 left so I just bought that one which is called 'No2 Blackberry Bay' and it cost me a purse friendly £3.99.  

Aldi Candle's jo malone dupe
As we all know Jo Malone is a luxury brand that sell many different products including candles, cologne and so much more fragrance inspired products. The products are quite expensive and honestly I wish I could try their products one day because I have heard so many positives about how luxurious the scents of the perfumes and candles are so whatever my thoughts on this candle were initially it still wouldn't change my mind about having Jo Malone products on my wish list later on if I find a better job or earn more blogging.  

I just love Aldi and one of the biggest reason I love Aldi is because it saves me saves me so much money a week on my weekly shopping, it's actually reduced how I spend by at least £30! So when they brought out this candle I was super excited to try a luxury inspired product thats suitable for a budget. 
aldi candles jo malone dupe
My first impressions of this candles were very positive because it looks very nice and is also a very big candle for the price of £3.99. It has a silver effect lid and the candle itself has 2 wicks inside seeing as it's such a big candle. The jar looks very stylish and very similar to the Jo Malone jar with the name of the scent and the number on it  I lit this as soon as my kids went to sleep and I put on the kettle and made myself a large cup of tea ready for blogging and honestly as soon as I came back I could instantly smell blackberries! Its got such a lovely smell and I was surprised at how fresh and floral it smells for the price. 

I am not comparing it to the Jo Malone candle but for the price it's a bloody good bargain and if I am honest I would defiantly say it is as good as a Yankee Candle and I hope to try out the other scents in the near future because I am very impressed with 'Blackberry Bay' So if you are thinking of grabbing one of these candles in Aldi I would say go for it they are so worth it!

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