Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Love Lush Lip Scrubs

why i love lip scrubs
Hi Lovelies, I hope you are all well! Now you might be wondering why on earth does Melissa love lip scrubs so much? Well to be honest there are a few reasons why I love using them and I will explain them all in this post. I first started using lip scrubs when Jeffree Star recommend using them before applying a lip scrub before applying a liquid/matte lipstick as it helps keep a liquid lipstick on that extra bit longer.

Now my favourite lip scrubs have to be Lush lip scrubs because they have so many nice flavours to choose from and they are all cruelty free and vegan. Not only do they taste nice, they also last for ages too as Ive had the bubblegum lip scrub now for over a year and its still going strong.
why I love lush lip scrubs
Buffs & Exfoliates
The sugar in the lip scrubs helps remove any dead or cracked skin cells, in turn giving the lips a much a much smoother base for any products. The Jojoba oil helps put the moisture back into the lips giving the lips a smooth finish. 

One you used this you can simply lick it off because its just sugar with very little other ingredients too it or you can wipe it off, whichever you like. Putting lipstick on the lips after this is so much easier and helps the lipstick last much longer too. 

Benefits of lip scrubs 
  • Helps keep lips smooth; in winter I don't get dry or cracked lips anymore thanks to using this and more lip care products! This keeps my lips moist
  • Helps lipstick last longer;  since the lips have a smoother base and the lips are nourished I have found lipstick last so much longer. 

My favourites 
This tastes lovely and is amazing at keeping my lips nourished. I have had this for well over a year and its been used a fair amount of times too. This scrub has only 6 ingredients and is vegan friendly too.

More info at Lush

Since I have been using my bubble gum lip scrub so much I decided to try another flavour and mint julips stood out for me. This tastes like mint chocolate and is very refreshing  as well. This one lasts just as long and is vegan friendly too. 

More info at Lush

Lush info on against animal  testing and all products being vegetarian 
more info here 🐇

Do you use lip scrubs? If so what is your favourite? 

Melissa x
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