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Colourless Hair Colour Remover Max Condition | Review

colourless hair colour remover review
Hi Darlings!

I defiantly change my hair more times than enough and I have lost count of how many times I have dyed my hair over the years. I have used a hair colour remover a fair few times before but the main one I usually use is colour B4. I decided to give Colourless Hair Colour Remover Max Condition a try as the colour b4 smells a bit like rotten egg and my goodness the smell ligers for such a long time, this one apparently doesn't smell as bad and says it "fresh fragrance" on the box. 

I got this in my local Morrisons for £10 while getting my grocery shop which I found super convenient as usually you can only find things like this in Boots, Superdrug or something like that so yes a big time saver for me. 
colorless hair colour remover on black hair
Whats in the box?
4 bottles which are all labeled such as; A, B, C and D. You also get a pair of plastic gloves. If you have long/thick hair 2 boxes is defiantly needed.

What does Colourless hair colour remover do?
Well, its to help get rid of semi permanent or permanent hair dye and this one I bought is max condition which has an extra bottle inside which contains argan oil and keratin to help improve strengthen and condition especially if you use these or hair colourant products a lot.

What do I need? Any advice?
You are best brushing your hair and its best to apply this to clean and dry hair. I would defiantly suggest having a spare 2 - 3 hours to spare to do this because it's a long process and if possible getting  a friend/family member to help would make a difference too. Put on an old towel because it can stain clothes, I worked this out the hard way a few months back.

I was super ready and prepared doing this because I have used hair colour removers so often now that it has become part of my memory haha. Anyway's I applied the product of 1 and 2 mixed onto my hair and once it was on my hair you could see it was working very well within 10 minutes. I had enough of the product to cover all of my hair easily but I would suggest if you have long hair/thick hair that 2 packets would work better.

After having this on my hair for 45 minutes it was time to start the washing off process which I can't lie, it was a pain in the ass, so many steps but they are so important to follow to make sure you get the most of this product. Colourless doesn't smell as bad as colour b4 but it still isn't pleasant but it goes away pretty quickly. After I followed all the buffering and rinsing steps I applied the extra product on which helps to strengthen the hair and I would say it worked very well because before applying that my hair felt a little bit like straw.

Styling my hair after this was simple as usual and my hair smelt pleasant and I just did my usual routine with my hair. My hair is now a reddy/brown shade which is a pretty good removal if you ask me. I am not going to apply manic panic vampire kiss, wish me luck!

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Have you tried Colourless Hair Colour Remover before?

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