Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Malee Natural Science Room Mist | Review

malee room mist review
Hi Darlings!

I just love coming home to a lovely smelling home so I was delighted when I was sent this stunning 'Malee Natural Science Room Mist" This room mist reminds me a lot of Lush products because of the key ingredients it has such as refreshing mint and warm and earthy patchouli which is also a key ingredients in lots of different lush products.

Malee was inspired by the rich landscapes, alluring scents and wisdom of Africa. The fragrances are 100% natural and are sciencefically proven to heal protect and pamper your skin. The room mist is a great multi-tasker and you can use it on your linen, upholstery and clothing. 
male natural science room mist | Review
I just love how delicate this mist is, it comes out in perfect amounts and does not stain any fabric it touches which is a good bonus as I have tried many products that manage to stain even though they say they don't. I love to spray this on my rug, cushions, curtains and bedding and the fragrance is just divine and I will explain more about in a moment but for now I will just have to say the fragrance is so long lasting! Now a bit more about the fragrance; its very citrusy and awakens me overtime i smell it. I can tell its a good product as you can smell the quality. 

 It lasts a fair few days before it needs a top refresh. The bottle itself is a very respectable size of 100ml which costs £34 which I think is a good price for a more natural smelling product than what you can find in a supermarket.

Do you use room mists?

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