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Micro Cell 2000 | First Impressions

micro cell 2000 first impressions
 Hi Darlings

I was kindly sent these lovely products to try from the generous people at Micro Cell 2000 and I am so happy I did because it has been far too long since I tried any new nail products so giving this a whirl was something I was looking forward too. A few years back I was addicted to trying new nail polishes that I actually bought nearly 90 in a year but I kinda got over it but now I'm starting to want to try new brands and shades. 

Micro Cell 2000 was founded way back in 1989 and their team of experts with over 3 decades of experience found a treatment for brittle nails to make this unique nail repair system. They have a variety of different products including; nail repair, anti-aging hand care, colour repair and also nail repair green. 

micro cell 2000 review
I was sent over sample size products and I was sent; nail repair remover, nail wonder, nail repair and also a nail colour.

I though the sample sizes looked quite cute and I wish that more nail companies would make nail polishes this small because sometimes you only want to use nail shades a few times but you foot the big for a large bottle, I defiantly see the room for smaller products for smaller prices. The designs of these are a little dated in my opinion but the bottles are quite sturdy and the lids stay in place.

I used all of the products and they all work very well but I can't say I liked the nail colour because I feel like it didn't last long without chipping but with the nail repair I did feel like a few uses of it has help to strengthen my nails which is brilliant because I am starting to grow my own nails instead of buying false nails all the time.

For more info on Micro Cell 2000 click the link below 💋

What is everyones favourite nail products at the moment?

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