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Neal and Wolf Awaken Collection

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Even though I recently got my hair cut short, haircare is very high on my agenda because I always like to make myself look good no matter the occasion. For me the icing on the cake with my looks is the way my hair looks so its important it looks on point if you will. I was kindly sent these products from "Neal and Wolf" and the products they sent me were from a range called 'Awaken' which are products that help you get beautiful volumising waves. 

Neal and Wolf are a salon grade haircare products and their products can be found online and in salons up and down the UK. They offer a range of different products including; shampoo & conditioners and styling products. 
Step 1: Wash and Condition the hair to create a beautiful glossy lift

Amplifying Volumising Shampoo 250ml RRP £12.95 
This has been designed to cleanse and enhance hair, it has a unique blend of panthenol, silk, milk and wheat proteins which help to give a glossy finish without the buildup.

Amplify Volumising Conditoner 200ml £12.95
Designed to nourish and detangle hair; its created to gently detangle and nourish hair thanks to its unique blend of shea butter and silk proteins which help to enhance and make hair look more glossy.
Step 2: Towel dry hair then apply a generous amount of uplift volumising mist and enhance volumising mousse for an additional boost then blow dry hair. 

Uplift Volumising Mist | £15.95 
Meant for all hair types to significantly volumise hair, it contains a unique blend of panthenol and silk proteins to create a long lasting flexible finish.

Enhance Volumising mousse | £12.95
Designed for a long lasting and durable hold, it enhances body and shine while protecting hair from heat and also UV protection.
Step 3:  Once hair is dry apply heat protection to the hair. If you want you can use a curling wand and create small to medium curls ( I left mine as its natural wavy)

Guard Heat Protection | £12.95 
Silk protein complex locks moisture into hair  while protecting hair with heat up to 220c. It also contains meadowfoam seed oil which gives hair a vibrant glossy finish.

Step 4: Backcomb hair near roots for extra body and boost. Fix the hair by applying the hair oil and complete the look with the fix hold and shine spray. 

Velvet Nourishing Hair Oil | £15.95 
This hair oil has a blend of 3 natural hair oils; Argan, avocado and Jojoba. These 3 blends help to transform rough and unruly hair while creating smoothing and nourished hair. It also protects against UV damage and can be used on wet or dry hair. 

Fix Hold & Shine Spray |  £12.95
Fix is designed to give your a hairstyle a long lasting finish while intensifying shine. Its designed to last all day giving you long lasting results.

Completed Look!
My thoughts
I was delighted when I got the chance to review the product! I don't usually use salon grade products because they can cost a lot of money but I do think these products are great value for money compared to a lot of salon products. I love the scent of these products and you could tell that they were a good product, I know it sounds daft that I say that but you can smell the quality with each of these products.

I must say my favourite products out of them all has to be the hair oil as I use that everyday as it helps keep my hair feeling soft and my hair smelling beautiful too. I also love the hold & shine spray as it helps keep my hair in place all day which is brilliant considering I live in Glasgow and the weather can be very unpredictable.

For more info on Neal & Wolf check out their website.

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