Monday, 9 October 2017

October Outfits | Bright Vixen

October outfit bright outfit
Hi Darlings!

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend! I sure did but I wish it lasted a bit longer because for me they always go to fast. On the weekend a managed to clean my entire flat top to bottom, finish watching prison break *boo* and order some amazing bits off love honey. Any doodles back onto this post, I just love fashion but I don't manage to post about it as often as I would like too so I have challenged myself to do a few fashion posts this month and have them as 'October outfits'

October is one of my all time favourite months; firstly its because I love halloween but it's not for the obvious reasons its because I love all the spooky homeware and home decor. I also love walking outside with my big snuggly coat on walking on the crunchy orange fallen leaves. Lastly I just love cuddles on the sofa with my partner with a cover on while watching Netflix and eating some snacks with the occasional gin. 
October outfits | Bright vixen
 For me personally my fashion sense changes quite a lot in October because the temperature drops quite drastically and the days are so much shorter so my wardrobe pretty much changes overnight. I love wearing autumn colours such as orange, greens, red etc and thats where this outfit comes in. I got this outfit pretty all in a second hand shop apart from the skirt and I know I don't look like the most confident person in the world but I feel like a million dollars when I dress up, it boosts me up so much when I wear beautiful clothes.

Top - River Island ( Charity Shop)
Skirt - Lindy Bop
Wedges - Top Shop 

How is everyone this month, any plans?

Melissa x
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