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YO! Sushi | Glasgow

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I have heard of Yo! Sushi for a few years now but I was kinda put off because I have tried supermarket bought sushi before and I wasn't keen on it even though it looked very nice, I know its daft to compare but thats why it took me a while to try anymore sushi. Me and my partner were debating whether to go to Nando's or Yo! Sushi since we recently went to Nando's for my Birthday we decided to have a little change and finally try Yo! Sushi.

Yo! Sushi has 100 locations up and down the Uk and was founded way back in 1997 in Soho, London and since then has grown. Yo! Sushi sells fresh and authentic Japanese street food and sushi. 
Yo! Sushi Glasgow
I went too 2 different locations were there is Yo! Sushi restaurants and they were in Silverburn shopping centre and Breahead Shopping centre. I loved going to both of the restaurants as the staff were very friendly telling you all the info you need to know about the place. The food comes round on a conveyor belt and you get to choose which cold food you would like, if you want hot food or a drinks you ask the waiter or waitress and order the food.

You can choose to sit at the bar or sit on a table, we decided to sit on the table and on the table you have the choice of unlimited water or sparkly water, soy sauce, wasabi sauce, chop sticks and spoons also ginger. 

The bowls are colour coordinated so you can basically work out how much the bill will be at the end not forgetting drinks etc. We went a little crazy and ordered about £40 worth of food because it was the first time we visited and all of the things we tried tasted so amazing. My partners favourite food their was; spicy peppered squid which was breaded squid in spices and he also loved the furikake fries which are japanese style fries with smircha mayo and sprinkled yuzu furikake, sesame, aonori and smokey bonito flakes.

I love the chicken katsu curry which is crispy crumb chicken with a lovely mild curry sauce with delicious pickles and steamed rice. I also loved the Yo! Roll which is their signature roll with fresh salmon, avocado and japanese mayo roll with orange masago. 
Yo! Sushi Glasgow
Yo! Sushi Review

Overall I loved Yo! Sushi and I regret not going sooner! I love the food and the environment too. I will be going back on a Monday though as 48 of their dishes are only £2.80. If you are a student you also get 25% off the bill.

For more info on Yo! Sushi, check out their website below

Have you been to Yo! Sushi before?

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