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Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold Water | Review

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When I think of gold I don't necessarily think of the precious metal, I tend to think more of the song by Spandau Ballet 'Gold' and every time I think of that song I can't help but sing out the words...

"Gold, Always believe in your soul, You've got the power to know you're indestructible  
always believe in because you are GOLD." 

Anyways less of me singing more of this product. I was kindly sent this gold water from the lovely people from Bio-essence. This water is finishing product for after you have applied all of your prior skincare products and once applied it helps seal in moisture and also give your skin a lovely radiant glow 

Bio-essence 24k bio-gold water review
This 24k bio gold water has a light-weight texture that adheres perfectly to the skin and once on your skin you can't feel it as it's so light weight, it says you can also apply another layer of toner ontop of this without feeling heavy on the skin. It has a nice scent which is quite strong but it doesn't linger and goes away quite quickly and applying to the skin couldn't be easy, pour a few drops onto your hands and apply like you would with any of your moisturisers. 

Benefits of 24k Bio-Gold Water 
  • Seals in prior moisturisers nutrients and reduces loss of moisture
  • Protects skin against makeup and pollutants 
  • Gives smooth, matte flawless finish 
  • Forms a protective shield against radical ageing 
  • Visably reduces pores and fine wrinkles. 
My Thoughts 
I love the packaging for this as it comes a golden sparkly box and the water itself is very pleasing to the eye with the gold flakes in the water.  The product opens with a screw top that has seal on it and I would recommend putting it back on after as it can leak without it. 

I use this every morning after I put my moisturisers on and I love how radiant my skin feels after it, I would defiantly repurchase in the future as it does what it says on the packet. Even though I love the product the smell is a little strong for my taste but it doesn't effect the product at all thankfully. 

How much and where can I buy Bio-essence 24k Bio-Gold water?
This costs £16.99 but its on offer at the moment at Superdrug for £11.29

Have you tried a product like this before?

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