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Grab some sunshine with Atkins Harvest Bars

atkins harvest bars review
Hi Darlings!

I hope you are all well? It has been ages since my last fitness post but I am most defiantly still on a fitness journey. I have lost nearly a stone since September and hopefully I will continue loosing weight by loosing it a way that works well for me which is by balancing exercise and diet.

I love to snack so I was very excited when I got these Harvest Bars by the kind people at Atkins! These are a new product from Atkins and come in 3 exciting and tasty flavours; Mixed Nuts and Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt and also Apricot Almond and Coconut Bar.
atkin harvest bars
Atkins wanted to create a low carb but yet a tasty snack bar and thats why they come up with these  guilt free snack bars. Inside each bar they are packed with natural ingredients; nuts, seeds and fruit. Each bar contains less than 9g of carbs and also they have more than 7.5 gram of fibre.

3 Flavours
Mixed Nuts & Chocolate Bar ( My Personal Favourite 👀  )
Protein 7.3g  | Sugars 4.8 g | Fibre 7.6 g |  Carbs 8.6g
Packed with peanuts, almonds and cashews dipped in a delicious layer of creamy milk chocolate

Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel Bar 
Protein 7.5g | Sugars 4.3g | Fibre 8.3g | Carbs 7.9g
Luxurious dark chocolate with an assortment of nuts, sea salt with a hint of caramel

Apricot Almond & Coconut Bar 
Protein 6g  | Sugars 4.6g  | Fibre 10g  | Carbs 7.4g
A fruity blend of sweet apricot, crunchy almonds and coconut
atkins harvest bars
My Thoughts 
These bars are so delicious, I am super surprised that they are so low carb! It's not always finding a low carb snack option so these are brilliant. I love the texture of these bars, they are chewy with the fruit and chocolate and lovely and crunchy with the nuts. The flavour selection is divine and I will defiantly be getting more of these in the future.

How much are they?
£1.85 each 

Where can I buy Atkins Harvest Bars?
Tesco, Avidlite,, Superdrug 

More Info on the Atkins Harvest Bars

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