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Jamie's Italian | Glasgow

Jamie's Italian Glasgow
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I love going out for food and even more since I moved to Glasgow 3 years ago! Glasgow has many amazing cafes, food markets and restaurants to visit  so I was so thankful when Jamie's Italian invited me to try their 'Quick and Easy Menu' at the restaurant on George's Square. 

Jamie's Italian has 2 Quick and Easy Menu's; one which is for lunch and another of course which is for dinner. All of the items in those menus can be found in Jamie Oliver's NEW book called 5 Ingredients - Quick and Easy Food.  We decided to try food from both of the menus and also the main menu for the restaurant to give a proper review on everything at the restaurant.
Jamie's Italian Glasgow
When we first arrived at the restaurant we were quickly taken by a friendly waiter to a table; the table itself was lovely, it had cutlery in big bowl that was squeaky clean and also a lovely candle lit on the table which set the mood for me and my partner. We asked for the menus and soon after we ordered drinks. My partner got himself a cola and I was a bit naughty and got myself a Jamie's Mojito.

While waiting for drinks we looked at the menus to see what we would like too eat and my goodness the choices all looked delicious and it wasn't easy too choose so we ordered a starters and mains together...eventually. Our drinks came very soon after we ordered our food and I was so impressed with how nicely displayed my cocktail was! It was a barcardi rum & martini bianco with lime juice, sugar syrup topped off with Jamie's processco.

 I ordered Pappa Al Pomodoro Soup which is an Italian red pepper, tomato, garlic and bread soup topped with veggie parmesan, basil and extra virgin olive oil and OMG it was the most delicious soup  I have ever tried in my life, the tangy tomato complimented the parmesan perfectly and bread in the soup was so comforting.  My partner ordered fried fish and smashed avo; it was basically a fried sustainable fish with smashed fiery avocado for dunking. It was quite nice and light that we enjoyed sharing it. 
Jamie's Italian quick and easy
For mains I ordered sizzling steak which was prime British skirt beef with garlic cherry tomatoes, aubergine and basil fries. I would love to say I enjoyed this but for me it was a little fatty for my palette but it was cooked the way I liked it (medium) I also wasn't overly keen on the aubergine as it was a little cold. My partner ordered oxtail lasagne which is a herby 12-hour slow-cooked oxtail & chianti rags layered with pasta, b├ęchamel, mozzarella and parmesan. Once his food came to the table the waiter asked if he wanted grated parmesan on his food and he was quick to answer yes with a smile on his face. He ate his lasagne so quickly and rubbed his tummy with a smile and said it was one of the best lasagnes he's ever had. 
Jamie's Italian review
We didn't think we had any more room for dessert but we decided to get one while we were their to get the whole experience but instead of getting 2 desserts we opted just to share 1. We decided to get the baked vanilla cheesecake which has spiced caramelised orange, smashed honeycomb and pomegranate. We ate it with 2 spoons in next to no time at all! It was heaven on a plate! The fruit complimented the vanilla and honeycomb so well and not only that the cheesecake was so soft it was a luxury in my mouth.
Jamie's Italian Glasgow

Again I would love to thank Jamie's Italian for inviting us to try the food! We had an amazing night as the atmosphere was tranquil and the food was just amazing. I love the fact that the quick and easy foods are in the cookbook, I am so tempted to get it for myself now. 

There are Jamie's Italian restaurants up and down the UK 

Where is Jamie's Italian in Glasgow? 
7 George Square 
G2 1DY

0141 4042690

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