Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Lush Christmas Haul

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Lush has been a favourite shop of mine now for a fair few years now but over the past few months I fell out of love with going to the Lush stores as much as I used too but my mind changed completely when I seen the whole lush Christmas range online, that spurred me on to get myself down town to see the Christmas range for myself!

Lush has an amazing Christmas collection this year with lots of new products including shower gels without the bottle, new bath bombs and so much more. I loved last years Christmas Haul and this year it's not different. I have been  getting Lush hauls for last 3 years now and shopping for festive themed products never gets old for me and I want to get more of the Christmas products eventually but heres the ones I bought recently on my trip to town. 
Lush Christmas Haul
Snow Fairy - Shower Gel 500g | RRP £13.95 
This was guaranteed to go in my basket as this is my favourite shower gel ever, I just love the scent of this as its so sweet and the gel itself gives an amazing and smooth lather. Not only is it a favourite of mine, my partner also loves it too. They have quite a few products that have the snow fairy scent this year including a shower gel thats solid with no packaging.

Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb | RRP £4.95 
After trying my first jelly bomb 'Secret Arts' I was tempted to try another jelly bomb to see how they compared and because I just love the scent of snow fairy I just had to give this a try!

Products with snow fairy scent. 
Body Conditioner  
Cold Pressed Soap 
Naked Shower Gel 
Sparkle Jar 
Body Conditioner

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I will doing an updated review in the next few weeks.
Lush Christmas
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb | RRP £4.50
I tried this a couple of years back now and from what I remember it smelt lovely! It has relaxing ingredients like lavender so I will be giving this a try just before bedtime to  see if it helps me get a good nights sleep. 

Previous Luxury Lush Pud Review

Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb | £4.50 
I am not sure if this is a new bath bomb to the range in 2017 but its defiantly a bath bomb I haven't tried before and I am exited to trying it. This has a very spicy cinnamon smell and defiantly reminds me of Christmas. 

I will defiantly be getting more Christmas themed Lush products in the very near future because it has to be my favourite time of the year. I have a fair few products that are on my wish-list including the naked body conditioners and the shower gels too since they are planet friendly without the packaging. I hope you all love this post and if you can is it possible to click the video and if you like it subscribe to my channel?

Have you been to Lush lately? 

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