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My Favourite Red Lipsticks

my favourite red lipsticks
 Hi Darlings!

As we all know red lipstick is very iconic and a classic! We all know of celebrities who have rocked a red lip including; Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera and Grace Jones. I myself just love red lipsticks and it has to be my number one lipstick shade in my dressing table and with good reason, it looks sassy, classic and so damn chic...MWAH!!

It has been over 2 years since my last blog post on my top 5 red lipsticks so I thought it was about time that I made a newer updated post and here we are. When it comes to red lipsticks I am not picky in what they look like; matte, glossy or metallic. They all look wonderful to me and I think below my choices show a bit of variation and choice.
my favourite red lipsticks
 As with my last blog post I have chosen 5 red lipsticks that I am loving right now and one remarkably is on the previous list as well as this one.

L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Exclusive Reds In Blake | RRP £6.99
This lipstick was on the previous list and it is a lipstick I still love now. Blake is a beautiful intense matte classic red shade and is so very long lasting too lasting 6 hours even with coffee breaks! Another thing I love about is that even though it is a matte lipsticks its not drying or flaky at all. This lipstick is enriched with velvet spheres, pure pigments jojoba oil which helps to keep lips hydrated.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet The Lipstick in Rubis Cute | RRP £8.99
An intense yet timeless red shade in a lovely matte finish. This lipstick is very bright and so pigmented, it looks beautiful with any outfit and I like to wear it with a faux fur collar winter coat, I think it compliments it perfectly. The secret of these lipsticks to keep lips hydrated is the formula of hydrating waxes, light oils and rich pigments for the intense pigmentation.

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Nosferatu | RRP £17.00
One of the most expensive of the bunch but defiantly worth the price for me! It is a gorgeous gothic red shade and wow it's so damn intense it makes my look pop! It is very easy to apply with the applicator and the packaging is just divine too with its gothic/inked design. I think there is a theme going on with my choices but this is a matte lipstick too. The everlasting lipsticks are packed with natural moisturisers including vitamin E and Sunflower seed wax.
favourite red lipsticks swatches
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Cherry Skies | RRP £7.00
Ever since NYX Cosmetics was so much easier to buy in the UK I have been hooked with the brand! I have a fair few NYX lipsticks now and wow the quality of them is amazing and Cherry Skies is my favourite out of all them! It is a deep wine red and yes as you guessed it is also a matte finish but the thing is even though its matte it feels so darn velvety. 

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Divine Lip Lipstick in Helene | RRP £18
The most expensive of the group but wow its such a stunning lipstick that its worth the price! Helene is a luscious red cream with blue undertones and with that being said the only one of the bunch that is a creamy finish haha. This lipstick  has been tested and proven to improve lips hydration levels after 30 days and I can agree as it feels so silky on the lips. 

What is your favourite red lipstick?

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