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What The Fudge Desserts | Glasgow

what the fudge glasgow review
Hi Darlings!

During the week I tend to eat as healthy as possible and when it comes to the weekend I like to have myself a little treat and myself and my partner tend to go out for food or dessert and this week we decided to go to 'What the Fudge Desserts' which is a dessert place that sells lots of different desserts and cold/hot drinks.

What the Fudge has lots of different ice cream and desserts too choose from and as soon as you go inside the shop you will fall in-love. The shop has a beautiful layout with comfortable booths to sit at with friends, family or your other half. The choices of dessert is on the wall above the counter where all of the ice-creams are displayed and its very easy to read and is also very clear. You can either sit down to enjoy your dessert or order it as a takeaway, me and my partner have done both options in the past.

what the fudge desserts glasgow
Once inside the shop we found ourselves a tables and looked through the menu until we decided on what we wanted and we both decided. I ordered 'Marshmallow Cookie Dough' and my partner ordered his usual of 'Strawberry Waffles' we also ordered a hot chocolate because it was super chilly outside and we were about to go to the firework display afterward. 

Our food took about 15 minutes to get to us which is about usual for here as they make the cookie dough and waffles themselves. The food was displayed beautifully and my hot chocolate look amazing and something Willy Wonka would be proud of as it was full of cream and dripping chocolate from the sides of the cup. 

The portions were a good size and they cost under £6 each which I think is a very good price because the amount of product you get and also how its displayed. I was struggling to finish my dessert because it was rather big but my partner helped me finish it off. I love going here and would defiantly come back here. 

504 Victoria Road
G42 8PQ

+44 141 423 3344


What is your favourite dessert?
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