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Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb | Review

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It sure does feel like winter now doesn't it? I love baths so much more during the winter as they are a great way to warm up especially when I take a bath with my partner. Lush brought out a new range of bath bombs a few months ago and they are called jelly bombs and they come in 6 different varieties including this one called which is called 'Secret Arts'

Lush as we all know is a mostly bath product originated store and they have lots of cruelty free products too choose from. All the products in Lush are vegetarian friendly and many of them are also vegan too. 
lush secret arts jelly bomb
Lush Secret Arts Jelly Bomb
Cruelty Free

Brazilian Orange Oil
Cinnamon Leaf Oil 
Almond Essential Oil

First Impressions
I got this for my birthday off my partners brother as he knows how much I love Lush and he knows Ive not tried the jelly range so getting this was a lovely surprise. I just love the design of this jelly bomb as it has Harry Potter vibes - don't you think? 

I have always been tempted to try Hex-Bomb bath bombs because they have gothic vibes too them but I think that Secret Arts defiantly has witchy gothic vibes too it. 

As soon as I opened the box with Secret Arts in it I was taken by how lovely the scent was. It had a beautiful spicy/citrus scent. 
lush secret arts review
My Thoughts 
When I put this into my bath it was so much different to all of the other Lush products I have tried before. Usually Lush bath products melt or fizzled as soon as they hit the water but this was more like a slight fizz and once it started to melt bits of jelly went on-top of the water.

After a few minutes in the water it revealed a pink centre that fizzed into the water much faster than the outer shell of the jelly bomb. It didn't melt completely until me and my partner picked it up and broke it into pieces in the bath.

The scent wasn't as strong as I was expecting and to be honest that was very disappointing as I was looking forward to smelling the fragrances altogether.

After I took the plug out of the bath it did stain the bath quite a bit and it took a fair bit of scrubbing to finally get it off my bath and not only that the jelly actually blocked my plug until I  poured hot water on it.
Lush secret arts jelly bomb

  • Soft on skin 
  • lots of sparkle 
  • Can stain bath a little 
  • Not very fragrant
Have you tried Lush Jelly Bombs before?

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